yay spain

Just watched the world cup at G’s house! Fell asleep for most of the 90 minutes but luckily nothing happened, woke up just in time to watch extra time! Yay spain!!!

G’s flying back to Sydney tomorrow, and I’m leaving on Friday, tentatively.

I’m down with a super bad cold right now! Nose won’t stop leaking and I can’t stop coughing and my throat is super painful. I hate that cloudy feeling in my head. Grr. It started on the day of my Hollyhoque shoot but now it’s even worse :(

Anyway, remember the party on the Clarke Quay bridge I was talking about earlier? It turned out to be pretty cool! There was a Doc Martens fashion show, good music, and most importantly, OPEN BAR! Free flow of red and white wine, beer, and spirits including 42 below vodka! The staff were really nice and generous as well, I was very impressed. We headed to Butter after, where Steffi puked up the excessive amounts of wine consumed earlier like, everywhere.

Right before Steffi puked on us.

With Top 20 most gorgeous Tim Hue ahaha

On saturday I went for a manicure at far east with Sheila! She had her nails done in Orly Shine from the Foil FX collection (borrowed from me :D) and I had a french twist manicure, OPI’s Jade is the New Black with black tips. Love it!

Then we headed to Ivin’s for dinner with Sam and Annabelle! Itek tim <3

And then we went to Jan’s new studio apartment for some wine and champagne, and after that, BUTTER!

Two of my best fwens! <3


The cream/black dress I’m wearing is from Hollyhoque’s upcoming collection! I think it’s FAB and got many compliments wearing it out that day. Watch out for it! And remember to pair with killer heels!

This dress I wore to the Sex & the City Tuxedo party will also be in the next collection! Simple and elegant.

I should go and rest now. I seriously hope my throat gets better so I can eat more spicy food. Heh heh.



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  1. dramamamamia replied:

    hey babe!! y u so fast need leave for aussie le :(
    saw ur photos for upcoming HH’s shoot..so MEI can??!!

    do do consider tking more shoots b4 u leave lahs..then let sheila slowly launch..so missssss ur modelling for HH :)

  2. nicole replied:

    Haha thanks! We might do one more shoot before I leave if there’s time! (:

  3. pj replied:

    wahah!!! loveee you nicole!! youre so prettttyyy!!! <333
    heee do blog more photos! Seeing your pretty face makes me happy! hahaha i sound so pervertic i know! XP

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA you’re so funny. thank youuu. yes i will if i take more! haha (:

      • pj replied:

        heee as long as u dont find me stalkerish! :D

        oh yeah you got any good hair stylists to recommend me?? (: would like a chg of hair :D

  4. YF replied:

    hi nicole may i know what colour did you choose for the bubble hair dye thingy? :):)

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! I chose the glossy brown one! (: Might look different on you if you’ve dyed your hair before!

  5. b replied:

    hi nicole, you’re from rjc previously? so smart! and u noe jie zhen?

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah I was! Haha no la, I’m actually quite dumb. Yeah I know her! She’s your friend too?

  6. :) replied:

    really love reading your blog! You’re going back too soon!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! (: I’ll still be blogging though!

  7. C. replied:

    Oh man wish you would stay longer. All of HH’s clothes look so good on you too! :D

    • nicole replied:

      Haha thanks, they are a bit long and wide now for me though, Sheila has increased the sizing! :(

  8. Casey replied:

    You’re so small and pretty! You made all HH’s clothes look damn gorgeous and made me feel like buying everything! HAHA!

  9. grace replied:

    hey nicole!

    where did you get the jeans that you wore in HH’s shoot!

  10. Jas replied:

    Hey nicole, is your bag from Prada? May I know how much you bought it? :)

  11. :) replied:

    Btw, for the bubble hair dye thingy, if you dye before, means the brown will appear lighter or darker?

  12. tj replied:

    hi nicole which shades of nfu oh’s did you buy and how much were they?

  13. A replied:

    Hey dear!

    May i know where you got that blue top that you were wearing in the first few pics? (:
    is it just a normal tank? or a tankdress?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! It’s kind of a long knit tank. Bought it super long ago from Armani exchange!

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