so much food, so little time

So. I’m going back pretty soon, not even sure which day yet due to some complications. And as you might know, food is my favourite thing in life, so I just wanted to make a…

Checklist of Favourite Singapore Food

  1. Hokkien mee (must be the traditional dry kind on the leaf thing, not the gross wet kind) – check, multiple times
  2. Nasi Padang (with a lot of assam curry) – check, multiple times
  3. Newton lala (from Chicken Hair Auntie stall) – check, multiple times
  4. Newton BBQ sambal stingray (also from Chicken Hair Auntie stall) – check, multiple times
  5. Chilli crab – check, twice
  6. McDonald’s Garlic Chilli – check, kept some packets to bring over, yay!
  7. Chicken rice – check, twice
  8. Roast duck noodles – check multiple times
  9. Carrot Cake – check, one time only need to eat more
  10. Kiam Chai soup – check, 1 x itek tim, 1 x mommy cooked which owns the one from Ivin’s
  11. Nagomiya Japanese BBQ – check
  12. Ayam Goreng (from Es Teler at Far East, with lots of sambal and kechap manis) – check
  13. Char kway teow – check
  14. Special tom yum fish noodle thing – check
  16. McSpicy – NO CHECK! OMG!!!

I think I need more mommy-cooked food as well. I’ve only eaten her cooking twice this trip :(

Every time I’ve eaten something yummy I’ve taken a photo of it with my phone and immediately posted it on Joe’s fb wall to piss him off! Ahaha. It worked.

Nice. Mmm, food.


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  1. Rebecca replied:

    Hhaha ok now I know. Chicken hair auntie stall. Is her hair also maybe outstandingly red or something? HAHA just trying my luck; hope she’s easy to spot. Finally heading back to Singapore next week, and yes. Newton Circus! Rmb to declare your garlic chilli lest the cute dogs sniff ’em out!

  2. M replied:

    hi nic!
    have you grown few inches \ cms? you look much taller than before! :D or is it the magic of heels?
    btw, don’t stop blogging once you’re back in OZ! we miss your blogging!
    have fuuun!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey meli! haha. Nope I haven’t grown! Sideways only :p

      Yup I won’t! But I don’t have that many pictures to post when I’m in Aus leh!

  3. pj replied:


    think you missed my reply on your previous post but its okay i’ll ask it here again hehe.

    do you have any good hair stylists/salons to recommend me? wld like a chg of hair! (: thankyouuuuu! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Sorry about that. Hmmm, Sheila and I have been going to Von for trims, he’s at Holland V and his number is 92995052. He’s quite like… conservative when it comes to hairstyles though, if you’re looking for something more interesting and edgy you can try Alex, 91441571, he does hair for fashion shows and stuff.

  4. elaine replied:

    hi just want to ask,which brand of blusher u bought?the specific type(like round)? n price?

  5. Carly replied:

    Oh my! I wanna eat Singapore food too! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hehe, go eat! If you’re in Singapore now haha.

      • Carly replied:

        No, I am not. That is why I am so sad. :(
        Haven’t been home for almost a year. Anyway, how long you gonna stay in Aus? 4 years?

        • nicole replied:

          Oh, where are you now? I’ll be there for 3 years if I drop my double degree.

          • Carly replied:

            I am in California, US. Pursuing my degree too. What is your major? So if you continue with your double degree, how long do you need to spend in Aus?

          • nicole replied:

            Ooh.. I’m not sure yet, looking into Marketing, Accounting and Econs for now. I’m almost definitely gonna drop the arts though!

          • Carly replied:

            I see. Just curious. Why didn’t you try NUS?

  6. Jen replied:

    hey nicole! do you think.Garden Party Bodycon Tunic – Yellow or purple is nicer?

  7. YF replied:

    Hello Nicole! Just a random qns, why is your nickname nalsy! Hehe :)

  8. elee replied:

    sorry,as in brusher?the one u used for yr blush(nars)
    whr u bought fr?mac which type?

    • nicole replied:

      Oh haha you mean blush brush? I have the bobbi brown brush blush as well as the mac 187!

  9. V replied:

    hello nicole, just wanna say u look so good in HH items! really love your outgoing personality! :)

  10. joan replied:

    Hi, how do you find the Liese Bubble Hair Colour? Will the colour fade off after a few wash and will it make the hair dry after using it? Thanks.

    • nicole replied:

      I think it’s fine! I don’t really know cause I’ve never dyed my hair before. Nope it doesn’t make your hair dry.

  11. mimi replied:

    hi nicole do you know what the new hollyhoque model’s meaurements, weight and height? she looks great!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha do you mean Joyce? She’s not new! She’s been modelling for Hollyhoque for over half a year already! She’s 1.64m, not sure about her measurements and weight but she’s a UK 8. A bit bigger sized than Sheila. Yup she’s really pretty! (:

  12. lio replied:

    Hello I saw from one of your previous pictures that you have a mbmj nylon tote. How dyou find it? Is it comfortable enough to support all of a student’s assets (I.e bookssss)? Plus is it durable? Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah I use it as a schoolbag! Hmm, it hasn’t broken or anything so I guess so? I don’t normally like canvas bags but I didn’t wanna carry a leather bag to school since in Australia we bum around on grass patches or the beach all day.

  13. jean replied:

    Hey nic! how many bottles of nail polishes did you bring over to aus man. i’m a nail polish fanatic and i’m goin over to aus to study soon too! having lots of trouble packing now :(

    and how much was your mbmj nylon?

    anyway do blog often alright!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! I brought quite a few, hahaha. I don’t know how much it was, my friend Jwong got it for me for Christmas! (:

  14. nat replied:

    Hello, can you recommend some opi nail polish colours? I cannot decide -_-“

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! How about The It Color? It’s bright yellow haha. Or try the designer series? OPI doesn’t make many nice colors. They’re very boring.

      • nat replied:

        Thanks for replying. Yea the colours are quite limited. What other brands of nail polish are you using?

        • nicole replied:

          Essie, China Glaze, Orly, and i want some Zoya shades!

  15. Jane replied:

    What your daily routine for make up?
    What are the brands of make up you used?
    Mind sharing :>

  16. jean replied:

    hi nicole, read previously that you use the shu uemura creme foundation? how’s the coverage? and do you remember how much it is, approximately.

    oh, and do you recommend any other foundations?

    thanks so much for answering! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey the coverage is good! I’m never returning to powder foundations. It’s $72 just got a new bottle today cause I lost my tan. Nope I don’t, like this one the best.

      • jean replied:


        and you should set up a formspring! bet it’d be well received!

  17. Katie replied:

    Hi nicole! i wanna get the Flora Fauna Printed Dress but i don’t know which colour to get! which colour do you think is nice?

  18. D replied:

    Which is the chicken hair auntie? Haha

    • nicole replied:

      The auntie with the crazy hair!!! All Best Seafood i think

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