This place is making me go mad. Why is it so fucking dirty? Why do people leave the rubbish bin OVERFLOWING? The sink all clogged up? I’m not usually high strung at all but my apartment and the people living in it are seriously agitating my inner OCD and soon enough I will be screaming at everyone.

Why are the walls so thin? If the people in the next room are awake til 4 am it means you’ll be awake til 4 am as well. Poor Joe, he’s having exams right now and can’t even have a good night’s sleep.

I can’t wait to move out.

Sorry for the lack of updates and replies to comments during my last few days in Singapore, had a lot of stuff to settle and people to say bye to.

My last night in Singapore was spent with Sheila and Sean, and I gave her her birthday present (her birthday’s on 28th July, remember to wish her!), a pair of Tiffany’s earrings. I was thinking that JY had already given her a TIffany’s necklace, bracelet and ring, so if she had the earrings it would be complete! So happy that she liked them and put them on straightaway haha. Sean came to pick us up from my place and we went to Holland V for ice cream, and stayed there talking til late. I’ll really miss these two.

Didn’t sleep at all when I got home. Started packing and before I knew it it was time to go to the airport. Had breakfast with mom & dad, it was really nice.

My flight was rather horrible though. It was supposed to be a 777 but something probably messed up and we got a super old 747 instead. The seats were so old and horrible. The European woman in front of me got to her seat and exclaimed in her funny accent, “This is business class? DISGUSTING!” And all the steward had to say was, “Err.. Yah.” FAIL. The seats were really really horrible, the screen was in the armrest and tiny, and the backrest couldn’t even recline 180 degrees. To make matters worse, when I asked the flight attendant to help me put my DFS shopping in the overhead compartment, she didn’t seem too happy. Bitch. AND she had the ugliest green eyeshadow on. Why do people do such things?! IT IS NOT FLATTERING.

Luckily in my sleep deprived state, I quickly fell asleep as soon as the plane started to take off and stayed asleep the whole flight. In the stupid seats which made my butt numb.

Soooo upsetting, considering I had such a LOVELY flight going back to Singapore from Sydney. The seats were the newer design where the backrest pulls down to form a proper 180 degree bed, and the cabin crew were SO NICE and kept talking to me. And did not wear ugly eyeshadow.


July 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. butter replied:

    i totally agree with you. the walls are so fucking thin and stupid angmohs keep blasting their music with their annoying!!

    anyway move to pacific square. its a greaet place to liveee!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I don’t mind music because the angmohs in my apartment listen to damn good music! They have the same music taste as my boyfriend and I.. and we all blast music all the time. Electro all the way!

  2. Avera replied:

    Hey Nicole! How much is the Tiffany and Co’s earrings! And the necklace, never see Sheila wear before! :( Hoping to see it!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I cannot say after I bought it for Sheila right! Haha.. She wears the necklace quite often! The pendant’s quite small though maybe you can’t really see it from the pictures.

      • Avera replied:

        Which design Tiffany and Co’s earrings you bought? Manxz! Must be very nice!

  3. M replied:

    I used to live on campus too and I HATED IT! people were SO inconsiderate.. :( they’d smoke right outside my windows. at 2AM. and listen to loud (bad) music til early in the morning when I had bloody classes @ 8AM!

    I am glad we got our own apartment! hope you get yours too! it’s so much better to live with people you know!

    hang in there nic! <3

    • nicole replied:

      Haha that’s good! Yeah I don’t mind the noise and all that thaaat much, it’s just the dirt everyone leaves.. The honkies in my apartment are quite dirty and annoying.

  4. :) replied:

    Hello Nicole! Glad you know you’re safely back! Business class to and fro, wow that’s smth! We’ll miss you! Come back soon and model for HH during christmas season okay!

  5. Carly replied:

    I will miss you Nic, I mean we! Haha. Anyway, how well did you do for your first semester? Ace all the way? You take care and please update your wordpress more often yay?

  6. J replied:

    hi, may i know what makeup remover do you use.

    and your blog is public! aren’t you afraid your roommates will see this?

    • nicole replied:

      I just use a garnier one I bought at a supermarket. And the roommates who annoy me are from hong kong and don’t understand English. Haha.

  7. visa replied:

    I lol’d at ugly eyeshadow

  8. natasha replied:

    what airlines did you take? :)

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