Today was Foundation Day in UNSW! I love how in Singapore Founder’s Day is celebrated with a formal assembly and speeches and stuff, and here it’s just PARTY! AWESOME MUSIC! DRINK BEEEEER!!!!

I haven’t posted these, so… Spam of many pictures from good times in Singapore!

Lunch with Philbert. He’s awesome. Nicest guy ever and such fun to shop with <3

Us Being Swift & Decisive


Cassie’s birthday :)

We went to the Night Festival.




July 30, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Ting replied:

    Hey nicole, which shop do u bring ur clothes to for alterations in sg? saw a comment which sheila replied to that u go to Ivan at FEP. What’s e name of e shop? Thanks :)

    • nicole replied:

      Um i think all the alteration places are about the same, really doesnt matter which one you go to.

  2. vivinny replied:

    hey nicole, can i know whr did u get ur heels and the clutch? they r v nice! =) n is that toga dress from HH?
    & i agree Jeggings are UNGLY!

    • nicole replied:

      Hi! The grey heels are from Bangkok and the clutch is from Marc by Marc Jacobs! Yup it is! :) haha

  3. jojo replied:

    hey! realised your hair looks really great after you came back from aussie! what do you normally use for ur hair?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey thanks! I think it’s cause I dyed it! Ummm I use lots of hairspray.. haha.

  4. jackie replied:

    hi nicccole. :D tell me where you got your toga dress from! i love it! where can i buy it from?

    • nicole replied:

      Hi Jackie! It’s from Hollyhoque! But it’s not available anymore!

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