Tights are so not pants, guys.

Ahahaha, I just read Nevernude’s blog and the girls over there cracked me up, especially Elena on her post Tights Are Not Pants and Jac on her post Tights vs Stockings.

You should know by now that tights are clearly not pants, i.e. never wear them with a tank top or any other kind of top that exposes your crotch. Because:

1. Tights are UNDERGARMENTS and they are not meant to serve as a replacement for pants.

2. I do not want to see every millimetre of your butt cellulite flapping in the wind, jiggling when you walk.


Exhibit A:

Labia, check.

Butt flab, check.

SEE? FUGLY. Yeah and that applies to your gross shiny pleather leggings as well. What the fuck are those things?! Not pants for sure.


Now Jac has brought up the issue of what counts as tights, stockings or leggings?

Basically, tights are the ones that are opaque-y and cover your whole leg including your feet, and leggings are the ones that are footless. And most of us would not be wearing stockings at this time and age.

So, obviously leggings are not pants. Even though half the ah lians in Singapore sport a tank top and leggings as their ah lian uniform. But I suppose they do it to establish their own ah lian identity, and it’s quite kind of them to let us normal people know not to stand too close to those girls wearing leggings as pants lest their ah lian germs spread to us.

But, leggings aren’t just bad as replacements for pants, they are just bad ON A WHOLE. I used to wear a pair under my super short denim skirt when I was 15, but now I realise leggings are just fucking ugly!

YUCKSSSS. Please don’t wear leggings. At all.

Oh, and one more thing. What’s fuglier than leggings? JEGGINGS.


What, you can’t afford actual jeans??

If you are guilty of wearing tights as pants, or leggings or jeggings, please just stop. Now.


July 30, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Paris replied:

    I agree, leggings have seriously reduced society’s modesty!

  2. kenny! replied:

    hi nalsy im gonna come visit u in aussie in nothing but tights. at least u wont see my labia (Y)

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA please do kenny. I want to see your p90x toned ass.

  3. cayla replied:


  4. cheryl replied:

    i think leggings look good sometimes. your fashion sense isn’t that great afterall.

    • nicole replied:

      HAHAHA, like when? Are you an ah lian? Never claimed my fashion sense is great, I just have an extremely sharp eye for ugly things.

  5. kokykok replied:

    heyy, i share you concern and point of view! but i think sheila looks good in her leggings when she was in korea. I think its the way they represent themselves and what they pair with it! look at sheila, she looks good with her boots, her long coat and the leggings! BUT I STRONGLY AGREE THAT TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS, AND PEOPLE SHOULD STOP WEARING THEM LIKE JEANS, (esp when the malays wear it these way with their fat butt). No offences!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha yeah Sheila looked good in that outfit! But that’s cause you can’t see the part where the leggings are cut off. I think tights are way better! The ones that cover the whole foot! They are great for wearing under short skirts and dresses (y) and look much more sophisticated than leggings. Leggings just look damn auntie.

      • Carly replied:

        Haha.. I think the leggings that end at the knees are most auntie.

        • Nevernude replied:

          The kind of leggings with stirrups over the feet are just as bad!! They’re like 1990s auntie.


          • nicole replied:

            Haha baby steps, Elena! I think they’re not as bad as leggings leggings. I don’t know… Leggings just irk me. They’re just too ugly.

  6. Emily replied:

    I have to agree with you on the leggings. God, I can’t stand it when girls wear leggings and expose their butt and vagina. It’s an eyesore. Wear a longer top or put some pants on for goodness sake.

    But i think you’re being unreasonably harsh on the wearing of leggings and jeggings. Both are nice in my opinion :)

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah I know it’s so indecent right? Okay I can kind of understand why some girls might like leggings… but JEGGINGS?! Exactly what is the point of that? They’re like jeans but uglier? Why not just wear skinny jeans?

  7. Carly replied:

    so you have not stopped wearing leggings and tights altogether?

    • nicole replied:

      I love tights! Hate leggings!

      • Carly replied:

        But the only difference b/w leggings and tights is that tights cover the whole foot and leggings don’t. Does that make alot of difference?

  8. joycelyn replied:

    I SO VERY AGREE WITH YOU NICOLE!!! this entry couldnt be better. always hated leggings! whats worse, IT MAKES YOUR LEGS LOOK SHORTER OVERALL!!!

    • nicole replied:

      RIGHT? RIGHT? hahaha i think i should do a tights vs leggings post.

      • joycelyn replied:

        totally! let them see the differences and show how disgusting leggings are vs tights!

  9. kokykok replied:

    haha, yea! me thinks that leggings that ends at calf are the worse! LOL

  10. M replied:

    amen to that! seriously, I think someone should organise an ad campaign to make people aware of that because I HAVE SEEN TONS OF PEOPLE GOING ABOUT WEARING LEGGINGS/TIGHTS AS PANTS. ew? do they get dressed in the dark or what? lol..

  11. JY replied:

    Aww haha your post is super funnehhh!!~ :D But I’m still kinda confused with what is tights. The one that the black model is wearing, the shiny ones, is it tights or leggings?

    • nicole replied:

      leggings! tights are the ones that cover the whole foot. i like that kind! hate the kind that cuts off at the ankle. or calf.

  12. kat replied:

    Hey! I just found this blog. for me, I like leggings. Its comfortable , but I wear a longer top.. I have no choice I’m pregnant and I feel comfortable wearing it than jeans..Can you blame me for that? ;)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha! It’s definitely okay if you’re pregnant and jeans are uncomfortable then! Just as long as your long top covers your ass! No one wants to see exposed ass and cameltoe! ;)

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