Hi Elena, I tried to paint my nails neatly.

Not bad?

Btw this is my favourite colour! I don’t know what to call it. Blue with a hint of green? Turquoise? Teal? It’s most accurate in the first picture.



August 5, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Magdalene! :D replied:

    It looks almost like the Tiffany colour! What is it called? (:

  2. Nevernude replied:

    Recently I got super anal and bought an angled brush to do clean up! I followed lacquerized’s tutorial. It’s super amazing and you get really even lines at the cuticles!

    • Nevernude replied:

      Elena says oops that was me.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha seriously?! Take picture and show me! And I wanna see the brush also!

  3. Carly replied:

    OH MY NICOLE! I LOVE THAT COLOR! I have the similar hue on my nails right now. It’s from Relvon in Minted. What’s yours? And you really painted very neatly. Don’t you paint neatly last time? Haha.

    • nicole replied:

      I painted my nails red quite well last time but I forgot to take a picture! Haha. This it was quite hard cause the Essie brush isn’t that good. OPI brushes are better!

      • Carly replied:

        Oh my! You should take photos of your nails everytime. This is what I do now. I am super obsessed with nail polishes now. I think I am crazy. Though you painted very neatly, I could see at the side of your nails they are left unpainted. But still, super nice!

  4. EC replied:

    Yeah this colour reminds me of Tiffany! Um is it China Glaze’s Audrey? (:

  5. joyce replied:

    hey nicoleee,innitially you took double deg right?
    why did you drop,is it too tough ;O?

    oh and loveee your nail!

    • nicole replied:

      hey thanks! well cause double degree is 5 years, i was thinking that’s kinda too long. single degree will only take 3 years.

      • joyce replied:

        i see!but arent you’d consider this factor before going?How’s unsw treating you so far?
        Anyway I loveee your makeup!you should do some beauty postt :x HEHE

  6. steffi replied:


    • nicole replied:

      your favourite colour.

      • steffi replied:

        omgggggg nicoooleeeee please teach me how you paint your nailssssss. :D i love you babe. please come back when garrett flies back in sept!!!!!

  7. Hi Nicole, I painted my nails neatly… then picked them all off. « NEVERNUDE replied:

    […] Aug So, my friend Nicole and I are both obsessed with nail polish. We collect nail polish like how karang gunis collect […]

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