Four for whores

Damn I haven’t blogged for so long. Sorry! Sheila was just asking me why I haven’t been posting so.. Here I am! (:

I’ve been in an extremely good mood lately because I just bought two pairs of gorgeous heels from Peeptoes and Tony Bianco :D:D Was extremely upset the last week because this pair of wedges I wanted to get online were completely sold out in my size. Then I found these two pairs here in Australia IN MY SIZE! One pair was even on sale and I got them for just AU$100!!! Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to find shoes here that fit my incredibly tiny feet. YAY. So damn happy. Plus I just cooked awesome chicken thigh fillets so I’m full and satisfied.

Flow Fridays at Equilibrium. Awesome geometric skirt from Nevernude. I say awesome too much. It was a bit loose so I stitched it.

Gay clubbing! In Australia it’s illegal to sell bottles of alcohol in clubs and they have to use plastic glasses (because people tend to use them violently…) so G was extremely happy that he managed to get a bottle of Champagne in Nevermind. Felt more like the good old days back in Singapore.

We detoured to a straight club called Art Factory which is like, the closest thing to the Butter Factory here! Home <3 It’s awesome. They have an indie room and an R&B room as well! The night we went they were playing 50’s music. Extremely cute.

Bad night I chose to wear my new killer heels. We went to 4 clubs that night and because they’re all on Oxford St we WALKED up and down it so many times and ohhhh my god my feet hurt like HELL.



Love Never Dies



August 22, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. guangling replied:

    hi nic, i love the pics u take! what camera are u using? how do you make the cool effects? isit some special night mode or sth?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! It’s a Canon Ixus 120. Sheila got it for me! Haha all Canon Ixus photos look like that, just turn it to the slow synchro mode under the manual setting :)

  2. Carly replied:

    Hey Nic!

    How’s school? You should post up the photos of your new shoes? I want to see them! :D Take care!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Next time when I wear them out I’ll post pictures! :)

  3. Jean replied:

    are you planning on selling any of your clothes?

    • nicole replied:

      Umm, it hasn’t really occurred to me, and I don’t think it would really work considering I’m in Australia now. Maybe when I come back!

  4. Sylvia replied:

    hi dear

    wads the model of the wedges you bot online?

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