3 years and 9 months

Dear Joe, when I first met you you were short and tiny, and now you are big and fat, but I still think you are the cutest thing on earth.

Remember when I used to fall asleep all the time?

And our trip to California

Happy times at the old Butter

I think you look so good with glittery makeup

Awesome insane birthday surprises :)

You ORD lo

We’ve been through so much, and I can’t imagine life without you. Thanks for always being there to take care of me. I know you’re not perfect, but you’re pretty damn close. You are the only person who knows every single thing about me and gets me completely. Just cause you’re so special (in a chao yang special school kinda way), I give you 1 x PPFFFFBBBBLLLPPP on tummy.
I love you babyboo.

August 29, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. visaisahero replied:

    Really happy for you! :D

    Always remember to keep working hard at it! You have an obligation to stay together because your kids will be oh-so-gorgeous. \(n_n)/

  2. steffi replied:

    yay lubb the both of you x 10000000.

  3. V replied:

    awwww, this is so sweet :) you two look so good together!

  4. S replied:

    haha you guys are so cute. how did joe manage to win your heart? are you guys planning on getting married haha

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha um, by buying me lots of things. Kidding. Thanks! :)

  5. pj replied:


  6. Jas replied:

    Hey just curious.. did you guys choose the same uni deliberately so that you’d be able to be together. in the sense that, one of you had to compromise. or was it a coincidence?

    my bf and i are at our crossroads now and i am really having my doubts on LDR :( but at the same time, i’m thinking whether it’s dumb to choose to go overseas just because of him.

    • nicole replied:

      I actually did one year of long distance with my boyfriend, hated it! I guess we were lucky that we both wanted to go overseas and we wanted to do the same course, so we kinda chose it together. But I feel kinda bad cause he was considering going to the states also but my parents wouldn’t let me go there for undergrad, so he just came to australia with me cause he said he would go whever I go. Where is your boyf thinking of going? Maybe you could think about whether you would want to go overseas to study for yourself also, cause I think it’s a very good experience!

      Whatever you decide good luck to the both of you :)

  7. kenny replied:

    alright nalsy, c’mon you’re going too far now. stop getting all mushy with my joe

    • nicole replied:

      hahahaa KENNY! stop trying to molest my boyfriend! how’re you doing in the statessss is it fun?

    • steffi replied:

      Steffi Yee likes this.

  8. nicole replied:

    love you very very very much.

  9. anon replied:

    hey, heard about ur blog from sophie willoc’s formspring. she said she thinks you don’t like her. haha, is tt true?why not? anw though i don’t know her personally but e impression i get from her blog and formspring is not a positive one.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, I don’t know her very well either, she dated a good friend of mine and didn’t leave a super good impression on my friends and I either. But yeah I don’t know her well at all, nothing against her.

    • I speak on behalf of the world, minus Sophie. replied:

      Nobody likes Sophie dude.

  10. (: replied:

    Omg this post is just so sweet! :)

  11. siyi replied:

    haha makes me miss him a lot. you too (:

    • nicole replied:

      Aww he’ll be so happy to hear that. We miss you guys too! :)

  12. Sheila replied:


  13. jwongggg replied:

    why you never put up the picture with his six chins?

  14. dramamamamia replied:

    OMG..this entry is sweeeet lahs :) waiting for ur next 30yrs 9mths entry :D

  15. yy replied:

    Are you both from Raffles?

  16. cayla replied:

    omg soo cute!! when boobs met dick. HAHAHHA

  17. (: replied:

    What course are you studying?

  18. Mel replied:

    hey what’s your height and weight?:) you’re so skinny!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey Mel! I’m 1.55 and 38 kg. I’m not skinny anymore!! Damn fat now cause of hokkien mee and mcspicy haha.

  19. Claire replied:

    You and bf look so sweet together!!! Both of you are studying in aussie together?

    • nicole replied:

      Thank you! Yup we are! Haha local unis so stressful. And I needed to learn to grow up and be more independent!

  20. Claire replied:

    Why didn’t you study in local uni?

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