Yes I have succumbed to peer pressure. Follow me please!



September 11, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Passerby replied:

    Hey hey! Your curl is nice! How did you manage to tell the hairdresser what you want? I don’t know why but I find your curls different from other girls! Your friend, Joyce, share similar curls as you though! But then again, I thought there’s only one type of curls? Yes no? Or is this the after-effect (after perming for a few months). ‘Cause it looks somewhat natural and I really like it :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, it’s natural! Haha my hair is naturally wavy. If your hair is naturally a bit wavy, just twirl it with your finger when you blow dry! That’s what I do.

      • Passerby replied:

        Whoa nice! Ogay! Thanks so much for your prompt reply! :D

  2. Reader replied:

    Hey Nicole! So great to see you modelling for HH in the upcoming collection! :D

    • Gen replied:

      Which year in UNSW? And how many more years to complete your studies? :) btw you’re awesome!

      • nicole replied:

        Aww thank you! <3 i'm in first year, second sem right now, should be 2 more years! (:

  3. sherlyn replied:

    hi babe, dont mind me asking. do you have single or double eyelids? i like your eye makeup, but i dont know how to handle my single eyelids at all :(

    • nicole replied:

      Double! Yeah i know how you feel, I’ve had trouble putting on makeup for my friends with single eyelids too.

    • nicole replied:

      Hmmm, I think the best thing you can do is not use dark eyeshadows (medium brown would be good), line with a thin line at the root of lashes, some girls put on SUPER THICK eyeliner cause their eyelids cover it, but it just looks bad. And always curl your lashes and use mascara (!!!!), and try faux lashes for night time!

  4. gen replied:

    hi babe, which uni are you in and what course are you doing! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey I’m in UNSW doing commerce! :)

  5. lula replied:

    hey, i just wanna say i really like your makeup, its always so nicely done! :) Would you care to do a tutorial on it or share the makeup products you use?

  6. L replied:

    Hey, I didn’t want to leave HH team/Sheila busy with a simple enquiry. But is the white skirt in the recent collection super sheer? Would safety shorts look just fine under it?
    Thanks a mil, stay pretty.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey no worries, i think it was very very slightly sheer. I wore black undies for the photoshoot and I don’t think you can see them through the skirt! (:

  7. Jas replied:

    Hey dear!

    May i know wads ur weight n height? you look great =)))

  8. viv replied:

    hey nicole! :) do your eyeliner or eyeshadow smudge after like a long day out? do u know how to prevent that? or what good eyeliners that can help with such a problem?

    • nicole replied:

      Mostly when it smudges it’s cause I use non-waterproof mascara! So always try to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner, I recommend Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner or Dior eyeliner cause they’re pretty smudge resistant but still apply smoothly. But if your lids are oily or for some other reason you’re super prone to smudging, I suggest using a liquid eyeliner on the upper lid and and using a dark brown eyeshadow to line the bottom lid. (:

      • viv replied:

        ooh thanks for your help! :)) then do u have any good waterproof mascara to recommend?

        • nicole replied:

          Yes! I love the Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks Lash Queen mascara (what a mouthful) in the waterproof formulation, it makes your lashes look really thick and dramatic, and I think Majorlica Majorca is good for everyday wear! (:

          • viv replied:

            Okok i shall go try it! :) im using Majorlica Majorca now actually, the Lash Enamel Glamour (pinkish on the cover). Are u referring to that? Or the Lash Expander?

            Anw, thanks alot. :) Sorry for the trouble!

          • nicole replied:

            I think it’s the lash expander! Doesn’t give volume though, I just use it for school and casual stuff like going to town. I love the Helena Rubinstein much more because it’s really BLACK and gives so much volume! Super awesome. A lot of people have asked me if I was wearing falsies when I was actually just wearing that mascara!

  9. x replied:


  10. x replied:

    Hello! I agree you should do a make up tutorial!:) Your make up always looks good! Also, may i know where you got your heels from in the latest hollyhoque collection? The pinkish heeled pumps!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha, maybe I will one day if I have time :) They’re from Peeptoes in Australia!

  11. seanpohh replied:

    i will not succumb to peer pressure.

    • nicole replied:

      but why have formspring instead. thats just stupid.

  12. Mel replied:

    do you blow dry your hair in the mornings before you leave the house or do you do it at night after washing and like the next morning it still looks good? care to share how you style your hair? you have really nice hair!!

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks Mel! Most times I blow dry my hair before I go out if I can be bothered to, like if I’m dressing up or going for photoshoots, if I’m just going to school or town I don’t really bother with blowing and styling. My hair is naturally a bit wavy, so to get the waves looking nice I twirl my hair in whatever direction I want the curl to be while blow drying, and then set with hairspray! (:

  13. Mel replied:

    what hairspray do you use? is it hard to remove? do you comb your hair? cause people say if you comb your hair the curls wont be as nice

    • nicole replied:

      Nope i don’t comb my hair at all haha I’m super lazy. Errr, any hairspray la! Right now I’m using some Garnier one I found at the supermarket.

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