Apricot Accessories

Hi guys! If you’ve noticed I’ve done an advertorial for Apricot before, wanna let you guys know that they have just launched their second collection! These are my favourites from this collection:

The last two rings, Royal Gem and Like A Love triangle are made of antique glass and both date back to the 1950s! What I like about Apricot’s rings are that they are available in super limited quantities because they’re made from rare vintage trinkets and so they are really unique. They also come in a pretty little box to ensure that they reach you undamaged!

Here’s some photos of me rocking the two rings!

Like A Love Triangle.

Royal Gem.

Good times + awesome rings.

Join the Apricot fan page on facebook to win a fabulous free gift with every ring purchase!

There are lots more designs in the collection so…




October 10, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. rebeccajoyy replied:

    hey nicole, was wondering if you have reaaaally tiny fingers like me. how do you find rings that fit! i almost never find ones that fit nicely, even adjustable ones :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hey there! Yup my fingers are super tiny, ring size 4. I’m able to adjust these to fit me!

  2. reader replied:

    hi nicole, i was wondering where you got your lightning bolt ring from? real pretty. i love it. hope you don’t mind sharing =)

  3. S replied:

    Hi Nicole! Where did you get your iphone cover? Is yours 3Gs? I LOOOVVVEEEE that colour!! Thank you :)

    • nicole replied:

      Yup my phone is 3gs. I love that colour too! I got it here in Sydney. I think they sell it on online shops too in Singapore but a lot more expensive. I paid about $10 for mine.

  4. Mel replied:

    hey nicole you said you use majorlica majora – lash expander? where can i get it from in singapore?

    • nicole replied:

      watson’s! it’s just a cheapo drugstore brand. it’s okay but i like helena rubinstein mascara A LOT better.

  5. Mel replied:

    yeah i’ve been hearing quite abit of it but i’m not sure where you can get it(helena rubinstein mascara). where do you get it from?:)
    thank you!!

    • nicole replied:

      DFS galleria! Opposite far east plaza! Get the feline blacks waterproof extravaganza thing. It’s the black one with leopard prints. It’s good for people with normal to long but thin/light lashes. Makes your lashes damnnnn thick! :) A lot of ppl have asked me if I was wearing falsies when I was just wearing this! Even my mom and boyfriend! haha.

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