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Hey there! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.. although those of you who follow me on twitter would know what I’ve been up to! Life here has been really chill, although exams are in a few weeks and I REALLY need to start studying. I’ve discovered one of the greatest pleasures in life: Korean barbecue + seafood pancakes at 2 am! Yep recently we’ve been driving down to the city in the middle of the night for Korean supper! Korean food here is so amazing cause Sydney’s full of Koreans and authentic Korean restaurants and the restaurant are full of real Korean people!!! Same with Japanese food. Unlike all the fake crap we get in Singapore!

Oh and I’ve been shopping online too much! I think I’m addicted to it. I keep buying and buying and buying.. and when I’m not buying I just keep BROWSING! I can’t stop myself! Ahhhh. This is what I’ve bought online lately:

2 pairs of Tony Bianco shoes
1 pair of wedges from Love And Bravery
1 dress from Love and Bravery
Givenchy clutch (birthday present to myself)
4 x nail polish
12 x nail polish pens
nail brushes
4 foot petals tip toes in SAFARI PRINTS HAHA

And I want to get this pair of MMJ sunglasses that are super cute. And I’m ordering from ASOS soon.

Haha okay anyway, just a bunch of pictures! I really miss my friends in Singapore. Life sucks without them!

SHEILA MANDY THAM, Sean, Jackson, Steffi, Silas, Eka, Janine, Elena, Jacinda, Aruna and Weish whom I have not seen for a super long time, Jwong in Scotland and Kenny Neng in the US of A, I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH.


Like my dress? Amanda loves it and I asked Sheila to manufacture something similar but she hates bustier-like tops! :(

I did not pin up a poster of myself in my room. Think my maid put it there haha.

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  1. Jiabin replied:

    Yes, I love your dress!!

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! Tell Sheila if you want her to manufacture it! HAHA :D

    • nicole replied:

      btw you should see the back! It’s awesome!

      • Sheila replied:


        • nicole replied:

          REALLY?? hahaha! i thought you didn’t like it! yayyyyy what colours are you making? i got one more skirt to show you, damn nice.

  2. Ann replied:

    hey babe,
    I bought the wedges too!
    Did you get it in black or grey?
    Haha i got it in grey!
    Oh for the nails brushes and polishes where do you normally get it from? Any site?

    • nicole replied:

      GREY TOO! High five! :) I usual order polishes from transdesign sprees but since they dont have that kinda thing in Australia I decided to try getting from ebay! In Singapore there’s an online store nailvibe.com but last time I ordered 5 polishes and they never arrived :(

  3. J replied:

    Hi, which nail polish pen brands would you recommend?

    • nicole replied:

      I’ve never actually tried using any nail polish pens before, my friend and I just decided to buy some off ebay for fun!

  4. Carly replied:

    How much you spend this time online? They all sound super expensive. I don’t think I could afford like you do. :(

    • nicole replied:

      Haha spent quite a lot! But my birthday’s coming so it’s like.. buying myself a present? Haha :)

      • Carly replied:

        Haha. I see. Anyway, I like your make-up but do you wear them to school like how you wear them when your club because I think it looks abit too thick for normal days. And just curious do you have problem with black/whiteheads and postblemish scars? How do you get rid of them or conceal them? Just concealer?

        • nicole replied:

          Haha of course I don’t! Heavy eye make up is only for clubbing and photoshoots! Other than than I don’t normally wear falsies, eyeliner or eyeshadow! Just mascara is good, and some brown eyeshadow to line the lash line. Hmmm not so much for black/whiteheads, I do get those irritating small bumps sometimes and they always leave a brownish mark cause my skin is really really sensitive. I think you just have to wait for them to go away. But as for black/white heads, maybe go for a facial or use those biore things?

        • nicole replied:

          Heyy I’m gonna do a post on my everyday/school look soon so stay tuned!

  5. jasmine replied:

    your cheeks look lovely! what blush do you wear? show us your makeup collection? :)

  6. toh replied:

    hey babe!! which foundation are you using? pressed or loose powder to recommend? Mad chio of you!! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha thanks.. I use Shu Uemura face architect cream foundation. Love the texture! I don’t like powder foundations.. They look really powdery haha. You can use any loose powder to set the cream foundation!

  7. clarice replied:

    Hello. Whats the colour code for your hair? Its nice.

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! It’s just the Liese bubble hair dye! Did it myself :)

  8. clarice replied:

    thanks for the fast reply :) which colour you’re using? i was thinking to get it too!! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Glossy brown I think? It was more brown at first but most of the colour faded already!

  9. clarice replied:

    ok i’ll search for it soon! thanks babe! :)

  10. ll replied:

    Hello! May I know where you got your red/coral dress from? Thanks!!

  11. ll replied:

    i haven’t seem it before, it’s not for sale yet right! : )

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