School Face

Hola! Most of the questions you guys ask me all concern makeup, so I decided to do a little post about it.

I’ve realised that almost all the photos I’ve posted up of myself are while clubbing or taken during photoshoots, where I’m wearing heavier eye make up.

I’ve also got a few comments asking about what makeup I would wear for a simple everyday/school/work look.

Okay obviously I DON’T NORMALLY WALK AROUND WEARING THAT MUCH MAKEUP. You probably won’t even recognise me walking around during the day if you’ve only seen pictures of me with heavy eye makeup on! I like to classify makeup looks into day or night, day looks involve much fewer items, while night looks require darker colours of eyeshadow, eye liner and maybe falsies!

So here are some photos of my super lazy makeup that I wear to school, and I am wearing:

1. Foundation (Graftobian – it’s not available in Singapore)
2. Concealer (Shu Uemura)
3. Blush (Smashbox)
4. Mascara (Helena Rubinstein)

That is all. The only makeup I’m wearing on my eyes is mascara, no liner or anything.

I want people to realise that the most important eye makeup is MASCARA and it is the only thing that is completely essential. This is because your lashes are your most feminine feature, and thus it’s most important to highlight them. You don’t need eyeliner or eyeshadow, all you need is mascara. You can wear mascara without liner, but you should never EVER wear liner without mascara. Liner without mascara just looks very very harsh and your eye would look kind of bald and weird (unless you are Indian or South American or whatever and naturally have amazingly black and thick lashes of course).


Joe said the super close-up shots look really scary and alienish cause I took them from too close it makes my eyes look really far apart! Haha but I don’t care. And also you can see my carton of Indomie on top of my wardrobe :D 40 packets!

Of course this is a really really simple easy look and if you’re thinking, DUDE NICOLE YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET MORE DEFINITION FOR YOUR EYES, a good way to add some without the harshness of eye liner is to use a really thin brush and lightly apply some medium brown eyeshadow on your lashlines. I do this when I go out shopping or whatever during the daytime, liner is just too harsh. Another way is to use your pencil eye liner and draw on your upper water line BELOW your lashes. This is really subtle and makes your lashes look thick and beautiful. And always finish with mascara!

Yup hope you guys liked that!

Last night we went out to Hyde Park for some noodle festival thing, I was actually really excited on the way there, hoping to fill my tummy with some noodley deliciousness BUT THE FOOD WAS SOOO CHAT. I had the worst phad thai of my life man. Luckily I also had saffron rice and chicken, but I was left so unsatisfied. So we went to play L4D for a couple of hours, then went for KOREAN BARBECUE again! 3rd time this week! I love pork belly and seafood pancake so much.

Anyway, like my nails? I was playing around and did these free hand.


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  1. joan replied:

    Hi Nic!

    Need your advise in this. I’m intending to get OPI Natural Nail Base Coat & OPI Top Coat but I noticed there is also OPI Start-to-Finish, Original which is a 3-in-1 base coat, top Coat & nail strengthener. May I know which is better?

    Thanks (:

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t trust 3-in-1s! The point of base coat is to be matte and sticky so grab onto the nail polish, while top coat is supposed to be shiny. I recommend Seche Vite topcoat instead, it’s really really good.

      • joan replied:

        I see. Thanks

        May i know which brand & shade of nail polish are you using in your “apricot accessories” post? That shade is really very pretty!!

  2. elaine replied:

    what kind of shu umera concealer?only 1 kind?liquid or any specification?

  3. joyce replied:

    hey nicole! i love how you do your own nails and stuff! (: would you consider doing a short basic how-to on diy nails? (:

    • nicole replied:

      Haha what do you mean? Isn’t it quite simple how to paint nails? Don’t think I need to teach you la! (:

  4. janelle replied:

    Hi Nicole, can i know where to get Helena Rubinstein mascara? is it available in Singapore? Thanks ! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Yes! You can get it at DFS Galleria at orchard!

      • janelle replied:

        Nicole, how much is it retailing for ? and thanks so much, you reply so quickly! :>

  5. Dawn replied:

    Hey nicole! May i know what nail colour is that? Fall colour!! super chio.

    • nicole replied:

      The taupe one? It’s from Butter London! Not sure of the shade. I got it free! (:

      • Dawn replied:

        Thanks for the reply! Do you know where can i get butter london nail polish in singapore?

        • nicole replied:

          Sorry I don’t think you can get it in Singapore.. I can help you get it bring back to Singapore in nov though. But it’s almost $40.

          • Dawn replied:

            wow thats really ex for a nail polish! hahaha nah. i think i can look for dupes around.

  6. M replied:

    I LIKE your “scary” school face!
    hahah I twitter stalk you too and Joe always does/says the funniest things! hilarious! :P

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA! <3 damn i'm so attractive… yeah he is SUCH an idiot! oh my god!

  7. Jasmine replied:

    Hmm do you have any recommendations for “cheaper” mascara and eyeliner? I don’t wear makeup that often so I don’t know if I should spend so much and end up having to throw them away. Thanks babe! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Heyhey! Haha why would you throw it away?? I think Majolica Majorca is decent, you can try it! Only about $20 from watsons.

    • nicole replied:

      For eyeliner I think you should avoid cheap ones at all costs.. They are smudgy and bad. Hmm the cheapest good one I can think of is MAC! Try the powerpoint eye pencil. It’s only $20+ also! And don’t worry if you don’t use it very often you can just keep it, it won’t dry up or anything.

      • Jasmine replied:

        Haha cos I thought they’d dry up! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll give them a try! :)

        • nicole replied:

          Yup no problem! Btw I got my package in the end it didn’t get lost! Phew.

          • Jasmine replied:

            Oh yay, that’s great! I think they are generally ok, so far in my 5 years I only had that 1 lost mail. Just annoyed that the postman can be super lazy, sometimes I’m at home the whole day and I get the slip saying “we missed you, please come and collect your parcel from the PO”. Haha so rubbish.

          • nicole replied:

            HAHA are you serious! I heard the australian air express or whatever does that quite often. It’s never happened to me before though even though I buy 1347982 things online. So far so good! *cross fingers*

  8. joey replied:

    YAYY Never knew we had Helena Rubinstein in Singapore! :D Thanks!

  9. Vee replied:

    Hey nicole :) do u apply anything on your lips? They seem kinda glossy and nice. Haha. Or any lipstick that has a nice shade that is close to the lip color?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! I use lipbalm everyday otherwise my lips get dry! Umm I don’t use lipstick often! And I think everyone’s lip colour would be different so I wouldn’t know!

  10. Ann replied:

    Hey babe,
    did you apply any brow powder on your brows?
    For this look, you use a two way foundation or?
    What is your brand of lip balm? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Nope that’s why they look so light. I do apply a little bit of brow powder sometimes for everyday wear but I was particularly lazy yesterday. Nope I used Graftobian creme foundation as stated in the entry. Two way cakes are bad… really bad. I use Lanolips ointment for my lips. You can just use Vaseline or chapstick they are all kind of the same.

  11. Alicia replied:

    Hi Nicole, saw a comment on your previous post that you use Nars Orgasm blush. May i know which shade of it are you using? Thanks!

  12. Ann replied:

    But for your foundation how do you apply them so evenly on your face?
    what about your nose bridge and eye lids area?
    Do you use any primer or?
    And i seriously think you look gorgeous in this light makeup to school! XD

    • nicole replied:

      Umm I don’t know I just use a brush and put it on normally. Nope I don’t use any primer, I don’t believe in them.

      And my foundation is really, really good. Hmm a lot of people have been asking me about my foundation, maybe I can collect a pre-order and bring back for you guys!

      It costs around $40, much cheaper than regular brands that have good foundation like Shu Uemura, Dior, Chanel etc..

      I’ll show you a video of my favourite makeup artist talking about it and how good it is:

      • tjxcasey replied:

        Hi Nicole,

        I really hope you can do a preorder for the foundation!

        You’re really pretty and everything just looks good on you :D

        • nicole replied:

          Aww thank you :) yeah I’m most probably gonna do one! Will you definitely join?

          • tjxcasey replied:

            Of course! :D

      • Katie replied:

        oh my gosh that would be awesome if you could do a pre order!!! nicole you’re the best!!!

        anyway, what shade of the blush are you using from smashbox in the pictures? or is that already the nars orgasm?

        • nicole replied:

          Yup I really really LOVE that foundation cannot live without it so I wanna share with you guys! Nope it’s a blush by Smashbox and the shade is proofsheet! But for blush I think any blush that’s peachy-pink will look great on Asian skin!

      • steph replied:

        Which brush are you using?

        • nicole replied:

          Bobbi Brown! (: boyf’s mom bought the whole set for me! :D:D

  13. Carly replied:

    Hey Nic,
    your complexion is great! Why do you keep telling us that your skin complexion is bad? I don’t understand. :/
    Anyway, you look slightly different without intense eye makeup. Makeup really does wonders ah? Haha. Oh, and did you apply eyeliner that day because they look as if you did?

    • nicole replied:

      Haha well i dont really get big pimples and stuff but I get those small annoying bumps and clogged pores that you can only see up close I guess. And my main issue is that even when I get clogged pores, when they go away they leave a brown mark which takes ages to go away because of my super sensitive skin. And it’s really obvious cause I’m rather fair as well. But when I wear makeup you can’t see it cause it’s not like a raised bump or something? Nope I was wearing only mascara! No eyeliner.

      • Carly replied:

        I see I see. Got it! Are those bumps like whiteheads? How do you get rid of them usually? Or they just disappear suddenly?

        Do you really dislike China people? I saw your facebook status before and it seems like you really hate them alot. Hmmm.. Do you ever speak Mandarin? I am not sure why but I realize English-speaking people think that Mandarin sucks. Not refering to you but I know tons of them that are like that.

        • nicole replied:

          Hey Carly! Nope they are just clogged pores. I bought some masks from Origins that really helps get rid of them! White heads are a different thing, I don’t think you can get rid of them yourself and you have to go see a doctor because they are like permanently stuck in your skin..

          Yeah I really don’t like China people. I generalise though, my facebook statuses were actually about 2 of my roommates who are from China and they always have their China friends over and for some reason they talk REALLY loudly in Chinese all the time and it fucking pisses everyone off. Nope I don’t speak Mandarin, personally I think it sounds horrible.

          • D replied:

            YES i don’t get why china people always like to raise their voices when they talk it’s not like as if they’re 10 feet away from each other or something.

          • Carly replied:

            I agree. China people seem to talk really loudly but not all of them are like that. Maybe because I am in US now so I will be glad if I see someone that is Chinese. In US, China people aren’t the loud speakers here. Black people here and it is super annoying! I feel like punch them in their faces but too scared because I know I will lose. HAHA.

            Why would you think Mandarin sound horrible? Ehh.. did you pass your Mandarin when you were in secondary school and JC? Just curious, do you think you are better than Chinese-speaking Singaporeans? And I really don’t understand why people would think that Chinese-speaking people are ah lian or ah beng?

          • nicole replied:

            I didn’t say I can’t speak Mandarin, I just don’t like to, that’s why I never speak it. I took higher chinese in secondary school. There’s no who’s better than who, I personally just think it’s a very ugly-sounding language.

            I completely understand the generalisation because ah lians and ah bengs in singapore all speak Chinese. But yeah, not all people who speak chinese are ah lians and ah bengs.

  14. Sara replied:

    what brand of falsies do u use?

  15. abby replied:

    You mentioned you use the liese bubble dye. Has the colour faded to this colour in this post, or it is as ‘fresh’?

    • nicole replied:

      It’s faded I think! Was browner when I first did it.

  16. mable replied:

    i like your nails, it rocks. i have difficulty painting my nails especially with dark colors, cause it always have excess polish flowing to the sides and looks uneven? do you start painting from the center or the sides first? thanks babe!

    • nicole replied:

      What I do is i wipe one side of the brush against the side of the bottle as I take it out, so there’s not too much polish on the brush. Start from the centre. Do on stroke in the middle then one stroke each side. Always do 2 coats then a top coat! (:

  17. Rebecca replied:

    Nic OMG you hate China people tooo???? Hooray for like-minded souls!!!! I could go on and on all day about how gross they are! So far haven’t found someone who detests them as much as I do.

    • nicole replied:

      <3 haha I think most people hate China people..

  18. Rebecca replied:

    But you know how all Singaporeans are so tolerant towards them?! I seem to be the only one glaring my eyeballs out at them on the train/ telling them to shut up when I walk pass. Am considering migrating to Sydney because SG feels like mini-China now. Yuppp. Hopefully that’ll work out

    • nicole replied:

      Omg, Sydney has sooo many China people! More than Singapore I think!

      • Rebecca replied:

        Really! I know they are everywhere but I haven’t seen them around much in Sydney?! Or maybe it feels like there are more of them in SG cos it’s really tiny here and so it’s damn claustrophobic and so we’re hearing their sickening shrill voices everywhere?! HAHAHA.

  19. D replied:

    haha. nicole how much is the box of indomie? (: my bf wants to get it. omggg

    • nicole replied:

      HAHAHA I’m not sure my friend helped me buy it! should be about 20 or 30 bucks. But must get from those indo grocery stores.

  20. vanessa replied:

    Hi Nicole! Where in Sydney can you find Graftobian? :) thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      This store for makeup artists at surry hills! I can email you their address if you want!

  21. Ann replied:

    Nicole! Open the preorder for the foundation alright~
    I want to join! XD
    Please try to make it as affordable as possible! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Yupyup! It will be $40! Quite cheap already for foundation. Haha did you see the video I posted on it above? It looks small, but it contains 14 g of product! Normally foundations from the usual brands like MAC and all only contain 8 to 10 g! So it’s really worth it. Plus, you seriously only need a little bit to cover your whole face cause it’s so creamy and spreadable with high coverage!

      You’d need to set it with a good translucent loose powder though! Esp if your skin is combination to oily. The one I use is also from another makeup artist brand and it’s not available in sg :( I can help you bring it in also or you can just get another powder yourself in sg!

      • Ann replied:

        Yes i saw the video haha and I’m very sure of getting it after seeing it!
        But there is 3 different shade he mention? yellow tones, warm tones and medium tones? which one do you advise?
        oh yea, use bobbi brown foundation brush to appy?
        yes i am keen in the loose powder too!
        Did you apply the loose powder over Graftobian HD creme foundation in this look? :) Email me @ on the payment details? When will u be coming back in november?

      • Ann replied:

        And i saw the webbie that was selling this online?
        And it comes in many different shade.
        How would i know Which tone will suit me? :)

        • nicole replied:

          This is the chart of shades Graftobian has. They come in 3 different tones, warm, neutral, and cool. Warm tones are yellowish, while cool tones are pink or blue based. You can try looking at the skin on your wrists or your neck and seeing if it’s more yellow or pink. If you are Chinese, you would have yellow-based skin, and you would want a warm tone foundation to suit that.

          The first few shades in the chart have a W, those are the warm tones. They are listed from light to dark. My skin is light to medium, and I am using Vixen, the third shade. If you are the same colour as me you can choose that as well, or at least use it as a gauge. Another way is you can go to a MAC counter and ask them to match you to a foundation shade and I can help you estimate which shade would best suit you.

  22. steph replied:

    Hey nicole, is the Shu Uemura concealer able to cover dark circles completely? I’ve super bad dark circles :(

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy, I don’t think any concealer can cover bad dark circles completely! It’s just meant to camouflage it and not completely cover it. I feel your pain, my dark circles are HORRIBLE especially since I have such bad sleeping habits! :( I’ve heard really good things about Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer though, apparently it helps to brighten up the under eye area a lot, but it’s only available in the US!

      • steph replied:

        But you don’t look like you have bad dark circles! How do you do that? Do you apply your foundation or concealer first?

        • nicole replied:

          Foundation first! Then concealer under your eyes, then set with translucent loose powder! I do have really bad dark circles cause I sleep at 5 am every day :( Haha I think you can’t really see it when I smile! PLUS mine are PUFFY!! hate >:( I wish someone will invent a product that magically gets rid of dark circles and eyebags! And which actually does work. Since all the products that claim to on the market now are FOS.

          • steph replied:

            which loose powder are you using?

            YES, I TOTALLY AGREE! Someone should really go come up with such a product! Will definitely be a hot seller!!

          • nicole replied:

            I’m using this one by Cinema Secrets, which like my Graftobian foundation, is a makeup artist brand that you’ve probably never heard of!

            They make really really good products. Try googling for reviews of Graftobian foundation!

            I’m gonna do a pre-order for these products soon, so let me know if you’re interested.

          • steph replied:

            Oh yes! I’m interested in the loose powder as well as the foundation! That’s very nice of you! Do keep us posted about this yea (:

  23. Den replied:

    Hi Nicole, how do you keep your underarms clean everyday? I seem to never be able to get a clean shave and when I pluck, I get ingrowns :(. I need to wear a sleeveless dress for an event soon, any tips to share? Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Ah! What a strange question. But yes very valid. I usually pluck or shave too! I guess if you’re very affected by ingrowns you could either use a body scrub very often or just stick to shaving very meticulously (in all directions because THEY DON’T GROW IN ONE DIRECTION). Yeah but I don’t know how to get those perfect underarms that we see in ads and stuff.


    • nicole replied:

      Sigh I want to go for IPL! haha. I hate body hair :(

      • Dawn replied:

        Hey! There’s another way to really get the perfect underarms too! Which is by using epilators. They look like a shaver but more bigger and it doesnt shave the surface of the hair, it plucks the whole root out.

        Havent try it though.. just watched it online. And i heard about it being pain during the first few times doing it.

        Hope this helps!!

        • nicole replied:

          I have one, it’s the same as plucking. If the person gets ingrowns from plucking it’ll be the same with epilators!

  24. F replied:

    Hi Nicole,

    You enjoy your food so much, but you’re so skinny! What’s your secret? I’m sick of starving, then bingeing, and I have tried making myself sick thought i know its so bad… Sigh. Hope you can give me some good advice. Thanks <3

    • nicole replied:

      The secret is to not care and eat normally. Don’t super overeat but if you eat normally you will be a healthy weight. Depriving your body of food causes your metabolism to drop, and when you start eating again you will put on A LOT of weight. Just eat normally, if you want to lose weight then cut down a little on carbs and sugary stuff I guess.

  25. steph replied:

    Can the makeup last for a whole day? Do you have to touch up during mid day or something?

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t, but everyone’s skin is different. If your skin is oily makeup will tend to slide off more.

  26. Rebecca replied:

    Hey Nic, how much is Orgasm retailing for in Sydney? The last time I saw it at Mecca Cosmetica but I didn’t go check it up. Is that where you get it from? Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      It’s AUD$60! Makeup in Australia is soooo expensive. I got mine from Sephora in California a few years back!

  27. Rebecca replied:

    That’s not too bad, isn’t it? I think it’s reasonable. And thanks anyway! I’ve been wanting to get it for some time but somehow never got down to it. But I think my skin tone is similar to your’s and I like the look of it on you! So yes. Will get it on my next trip Down Under

    • nicole replied:

      Just order from a drugstore or sephora spree! $25 US only

  28. Rebecca replied:

    Really ah. Never joined sprees before for anything ever so I’m a bit hesitant. But hmm if that’s spree price then yes, AUD $60 is quite ex considering AUD so strong now!

  29. Jane replied:

    Hi, can i ask which mascara from HR are you using? I saw from their websites that there are a lot of different types.

    • nicole replied:

      I’m using the one in the black leopard print tube! I think it’s lash extravaganza or something.

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