Three things

1. Follow me on Twitter! I have a pretty twitter page! If you don’t have Twitter, go get it now! I used to think it was stupid but it’s actually really fun and addictive. Then you can follow cool people like @britneyspears and @kayascollywogs. and @sheilamansy too of course!

2. I’m thinking of shifting my blog over to self-hosted wordpress in a few weeks time after my exams, and I will commit more to blogging and keeping my site alive and beautiful! Is there someone out there who’s good at IT and design and can help me do it? :) I will love you forever!

3. A lot of you have been asking about my foundation. I use Graftobian Hi-Def cream foundation, and it is really really really really good I cannot live without it. You can try googling for reviews. It’s not available in Singapore so I will be holding a pre-order for you guys, and it will be priced at $40. Please leave a comment if you’re interested!

That’s all.



October 19, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Katie replied:

    yes yes i’m interested! :) but i dont know which shade to get!
    and you were right abt the mascara. haven’t tried mascara alone w/o eyeliner in a long time and i am starting to appreciate my eyes for how it looks :D

    • nicole replied:

      Super glad to hear that! You actually don’t need eyeliner if you have mascara! Unless you’re going for a heavier look :)

      This is the colour chart! I suggest you choose from the top row. My skin tone is light-medium, nc25 I’m using Vixen!

  2. fiona replied:

    yes I’m interested! is $40 including shipping? how do I go about ordering it? Thanks Nicole (:

    • nicole replied:

      yeah including shipping. i’ll do another post to let you guys order soon! meanwhile you can go choose your shade! (: or find out your mac foundation shade!

  3. Sara replied:

    Where can you get this foundation from in Sydney?

    • nicole replied:

      this shop in surry hills! want me to email you the address?

  4. S replied:

    Omg I’m interested too Nicole! Why are you so pretty and niceeee!! You mentioned abt the finishing powder too to one of your readers, will you be bringing that back also? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I will if at least 4 people want to order it! It’s not cheap though.. around the same as the foundation.

      • Ann replied:

        YES I’m one of the 4 person! XD
        Count me in it!
        Do try your best to make it the cheapest?
        Or you can actually mass meet up all of us to pass us the items at your convenience time and place and we can accomodate? Then we can all save postages charges and you do not need to go down to the post office at all! Or even self-collection will be good too!

        • nicole replied:

          That’s a good idea! I can do a mass meet-up in town.

  5. valerie replied:

    im interested in the foundation too! :)

  6. Casey replied:

    Hi Nicole! I wna get it tooooooooooo :D

  7. jess replied:

    I’m interested too!

  8. Shirleen replied:

    Yes yes to Graftobian foundation! Thanks Nicole!

  9. Dawn replied:

    Hey! Im about a NC40 for my skin. So what shade am i for the graftobian foundation?
    Anyway, i was wondering if it is a heavy coverage, does it look very natural or is it cakey?
    Say, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the most cakey.

    • nicole replied:

      Ooh wow so tan! You would fit enchantress then! It doesn’t look natural cause it’s very very smooth and perfect kinda thing? I don’t find it cakey at all.. I only find powder compact foundations to look cakey you know when those girls put so much on they look like if they smile their face will crack. lol.

  10. Amanda replied:

    I’m interested too. Do count me in. :)

  11. Sui replied:

    hi, nicole! i’ve read other graftobian reviews, most are in its favour! wow. i’m leaning towards it now. but, i saw one review that mentioned that it does tend to make one’s skin oily sometime after application. was that the case for you too? it could be that the reviewer had applied too much of the foundation, is it?

    • nicole replied:

      I dunno! It’s fine for me but everyone’s skin is different! I think if you put it on, then wait for it to dry while you do your eye makeup then use a good loose powder to set it it’d be fine!

      • Sui replied:

        hi! thanks for the tip! :) will definitely get one from you.!!

  12. Serene replied:

    Hey, im a NC30 – NC35, i wonder which shade will fits me!

  13. Rebecca replied:

    a lot of people are selling brand new graftobian foundation on ebay and shipping + item doesnt even exceed S$40. i think $40 is kinda expensive? unless you’re trying to make a more than proportionate profit from it. i think you should lower it to a more reasonable price.

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy yeah i dunno about that, i’m just selling at what it costs in australia + shipping then i have to repackage and plus postage costs. i dunno, up to you!

    • nicole replied:

      Mm if you can find your shade on ebay and you trust it’s authentic the get from there lor! I’m just helping some readers who asked me to bring it back for them.

  14. S replied:

    Hey I feel that it’s ultra mega nice of Nicole to go through the trouble of bringing back the foundation for her readers, I won’t suspect her of trying to make any profit from us. Plus we all know that she’s kinda well to do, I don’t think she needs to earn money like that :)

    • nicole replied:

      Anyway the $40 is only a rough estimate first, I haven’t counted properly the price yet. I just said around $40 to be safe, if the cost is less I will reduce it for the actual pre-order.

  15. Ann replied:

    For Mac foundation shade, you are roughly a NC25?
    I want to get both the creme foundation and loose powder but it will be $80 is it?
    Is this the correct step: Creme foundation-> concealer -> den loose powder?

    • nicole replied:

      Yes it is! Btw i realised why the powder isn’t cheap. It contains 56 freaking grams! That’s 7 times more than MAC’s one! Zomg. Lol if you don’t wanna get it I think BareMinerals mineral veil is quite a good setting powder and you can get it from Sephora! Dunno how much it is though.

  16. Ann replied:

    Nicole! I’m thinking of getting YSL’s Touche Eclat under-eye concealer! Heard is one of the best concealer that can conceals dark circles and brighten your eye contours at the same time!
    Was wondering whether DFS orchard or airport carries them??
    As tangs and isetan shopping centers no longer have any YSL counters anymore ! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! I have no idea, sorry. My mom has that and it is very sheer! I think it’s more of a highlighter than a concealer! Cannot really cover anything.

  17. Joyce replied:

    Hi babe. Dun care abt e others. :) if she bother to go eBay buy den she let her go. Hehe. I will buy frm u!!! Faster start e pre order. :)

  18. N replied:

    Hi Nicole! I’ve been wanting to try creme foundation for some time now but just very hesitant about the thought of blending, been using powder makeup since i started using foundation! So I wanna give this a try :) However, I’m kinda clueless on which shade to get for this – I’ve only ever used chanel’s luminous matte powder makeup 70 PASTEL (i think that’s the shade?) and i don’t see a nc thing :/ any idea which shade i am? the chart’s not helping cos i thought i should get vixen but you use vixen and i’m tanner than you. HAHA sorry for being so friggin clueless!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey don’t worry! How much tanner are you? If you’re just a bit tanner you can take Temptress! Or if not you can go to a MAC counter and ask them to match you to a shade of foundation, that’s what the NC thing is.

      This is what the colours actually look like

      Middle one is vixen, then temptress then enchantress!

      • N replied:

        oh thanks :) haha dilemma dilemma! cos i think you’re really fair and i may be more than a tone darker than you..! but the last one (after temptress) looks realllyy dark :/ and umm you know how no matter how you look at it every tone seems to match the one you’re holding in your hand trying to compare it to hahaha

        • nicole replied:

          Hahaha maybe try googling for NC 30 toned people and NC 35 toned people and see which one looks more like your colour?

  19. Melissa replied:

    Hey Nicole! I think it’s real nice of you to do this pre-order (: & since you seem to be a very friendly make up guru, can I just throw out some questions:

    What do you mean by setting the foundation with the powder? Doesn’t the foundation do its job by itself?

    Sorry if the answer is actually super simple! I’m a total noob when it comes to make up; I’ve worn it thrice in my 20 years for special functions. Haha. Thanks in advance!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha! No worries. Okay cream foundation has a sorta moist kinda texture? And it doesn’t absorb into your face because it’s makeup and it’s meant to be on top of your skin. So you can’t be walking around with a moist layer on your face, so you apply a translucent setting powder on top to “set” it and make it not moist. This powder is different from powder foundation, it’s actually a really fine, transparent loose powder that helps to absorb oil and reduce shine and keep the foundation in place.

      If your skin is really really dry then maybe you won’t need to put powder on top, like on some days when it was winter over here I didn’t use powder over the foundation.

  20. Joyce replied:

    Hey babe. If my skin is of natural colour. Wad colour tone shld I use? So Before e creme foundation. Do I still need to apply things like bb cream or foundation?

    • nicole replied:

      NO the creme foundation is a foundation! No need to apply anything! Just set with loose powder! Umm natural colour is not a shade darling.

  21. Joyce replied:

    Sorry. The last word Is make up base I mean instead of foundation. :)

    • nicole replied:

      You only need primer if you wanna fill in fine lines. A good foundation would apply smoothly by itself, no need for makeup base or primers.

  22. clarice replied:

    Hey babe, is that Graftobian High-Definition Creme Foundation or Graftobian Dual-Finish Foundation? thanks

  23. clarice replied:

    whats the different for both and which is better IYHO?

    • nicole replied:

      Haven’t tried the second one! It’s a powder foundation! Something like a 2-way cake.

  24. kacy replied:

    Which skin tone would suit NC 30 – Temptress/Buttermilk? More to the tan side?

  25. Carly replied:


    do you know any eyeshadow brand that is talc-free and mica-free? Most of the brands contain these two ingredients. Is it really dangerous to put on makeup that have mica and talc?

    • nicole replied:

      Why would they be dangerous? talc is TALCUM POWDER and mica is the mineral pigments that mineral makeup is made of!

    • nicole replied:

      I know there’s a lot of rumours and “studies” on the internet about this and that ingredient being dangerous, and if you believe all of them, well you might as well lock yourself in a sanitized room your entire life eating only boiled vegetables because apparently everything else causes cancer.

      • Carly replied:

        Why are you being so fierce? I am not sure that is why I ask you since you seem to be expert in makeup. I don’t expect you to answer in that way.

        • nicole replied:

          I’m not an expert in makeup or an expert in the safety of chemicals. I wasn’t being fierce either, just couldn’t be bothered to put any smiley faces. If i was being ‘fierce’ I probably wouldn’t choose to reply.

  26. joyce replied:

    nicole,may i know which year in uni were you now?

    and do you always apply this foundation by brush or damp sponge?

    • nicole replied:

      I’m finishing my first year right now! I use a brush, but it’s recommended by professionals to use the brush to dab the foundation on your face then blend it out with a damp sponge. I need to go get some sponges.

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