Graftobian Pre-order!!! (CLOSED)

Update: PRE-ORDER CLOSED. Those of you who did not receive emails, sorry but I wasn’t able to take in your order. Maybe I’ll hold another one next time!

Hey guys.. This is what you have been waiting for!

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation

Many of you have heard me raving about this High-Definition foundation. I think it’s a great foundation and it has caused quite a stir in the makeup artist community. I’m not afraid to say I can’t live without it!

First of all, this is a solid cream foundation, and its texture is very smooth, buttery and blendable. It has medium to high buildable coverage, but you only need the tiniest bit to blend over your face to even out skin tone and give a glow. Using too much will definitely cause it to get all melty in the hot Singapore weather!

There are two ways to use this product, you could use a good foundation brush to dab on different parts of the face and then spread and blend it out, going over problem areas again. The second way (recommended by professionals) is to use a damp makeup sponge to apply it, and this would give a sheer even look.

Always set it with a good translucent loose powder that is preferably oil-absorbing because of our gross hot weather which causes skin to get shiny easily. You can find loose powder anywhere, the ones that most good brands sell are fine. (The one I use isn’t available in Singapore, if you’d like me to bring it in for you just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with more details.)

My skin is combination/oily and it’s fine for me, but if your skin is EXTREMELY oily I don’t recommend this for you since it’s not a matte foundation.

The product doesn’t come in fancy packaging, just a very basic dish, but who cares as long as it’s a good product. Also it looks really small, but there’s actually 14 g of product in it, while most foundations from MAC and stuff only contain 8 to 10 g.

This is a video of my favourite makeup artist talking about it:

A chart of the shades for this foundation is available here:

If you are Chinese, you are most probably yellow-toned and you should look at the “warm” shades. As a reference, I am light-medium, NC 25 and I use Vixen. A rough guide would be:

NC 20 – Ingenue
NC 25 – Vixen
NC 30 – Temptress/Buttermilk
NC 35 – Enchantress

Please don’t ask me what shade you are because I really wouldn’t know! You can try looking for swatches online to find out.

Aside from single shades, I’ll also be bringing in palettes of 5 shades (11 g) containing Graceful Swan, Ingenue, Vixen, Temptress and Enchantress, as well as a corrector palette (see below):

The 5-shade palette is good if you are not sure of your shade, or for those of you who are quite skilful at makeup, you can use this for contouring.

These aren’t concealers, it’s the same texture as the foundation, just in corrective shades. Dab on problem areas! I’ll be getting one of these. Don’t get it if you’re not sure how to use.

If you are not ready to try a creme foundation, compact powder foundations are also available. These would be suitable for very oily skin. I have not tried these, but from what I hear they are highly pigmented and silky. They can be used either dry or wet with the provided sponge. Feel free to search for more information online.


(1) Graftobian HD Creme Foundation (Single) – $38

(2) Graftobian HD Creme Foundation (Warm Palette – 5 shades) – $53

(3) Graftobian HD Creme Foundation in Corrector Shades – $53

(4) Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation – $50

Please leave a comment stating:

Your Name:

Item 1

Item:  (1) / (2) / (3) / (4)

Item 2

Item: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4)

Total: $

Remember to enter your email address when submitting the comment. I will send you a confirmation email including my bank details for you to make the transfer. Sorry but I only accept POSB/DBS iBank transfers.


This pre-order will end when I decide I have enough orders.

One last thing. Whatever I said about the items are my own opinion only and not facts. Everyone has different skin and what works well on me may not work well on you. Please google for reviews and other opinions of the products if you wish. Don’t blame me if you buy it and don’t like it! Also this is my first time doing a pre-order so please join only if you’re 100% comfortable with everything!

(Order comments will not be shown for this entry)


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  1. Chloe replied:

    That’s really nice of you to bring Graftobian back for us :) When would the items arrive? You didn’t mention that in your post. Thanks!

  2. clarice replied:

    Babe, if i’m using , which colour would u recommend me? I’ll be flying in few days time thus that’s the quickest way of getting the ans before i purchase. thanks

    • nicole replied:

      Um I don’t really get your question. I have no idea what you look like, how am I supposed to recommend you a shade?

      • clarice replied:

        sorry i typed in but it didn’t appear.

  3. clarice replied:

    Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, Sand beige 23 i meant

    • nicole replied:

      I have no idea what that is, sorry.

  4. D replied:

    Hi nicole! I am really interested in the Cream Foundation. But before I make my purchase, I would like to ask you a few questions!

    Firstly, why would I need to use a damp make-up sponge to blend my foundation since the foundation is already in cream form? Why can’t I use a DRY one instead?

    Secondly, when will we get our purchase? Will you be sending it back to Singapore or will we only get it from you personally when you return to Singapore?

    Lastly, can you do a pre-order for your loose powder too? Hee. I am really interested :)

    Thank you Nicole!
    So sweet of you to hold a pre-order for your readers :)

    • nicole replied:

      You are always supposed to use a makeup sponge damp to apply any foundation, that’s just the proper technique.

      You’ll get it when I come back in a month’s time!

      I will if get enough orders and if I have time to get it from the other shop. No problem! (:

    • nicole replied:

      watch this:

  5. joanne replied:

    Do you have a rough date when this pre-order will close? I’m having my major exam till first week of nov.

  6. N replied:

    Hey! I understand that you’re probably in no better position than me to choose my shade hahaha but I saw that you were closing tonight so I don’t think I have time to go down to a MAC counter after all, but i think this is my shade for EDM :)
    medium beige, as opposed to your light medium which i assume is this

    any idea at all which is my Graftobian shade? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Sorry I really dont know. Just have a guess if you’re darker or fairer than me. Sheila is between NC 30 and 35 I think, depending on how tan she is at the moment so maybe you can gauge from there.

      • N replied:

        I’m just around as tan as sheila so i’d probably just take buttermilk which i think is the in between nc30 and nc35, right. Okay thanks! :)

    • nicole replied:

      I’m guessing you are Temptress but I’m not very sure. You can try that, but no guarantees! (: Maybe you can try googling for NC 30 skin and see what it looks like!

      • N replied:

        Okay i just placed an order! Haha yeah but it’s just that you’re really fair so I don’t know if i’m only a shade darker? Haha. Cos i was from rj too and i roughly remember seeing you around and from my vague recollection you were really quite fair! :D

        • nicole replied:

          Oooh haha are you in my year? Same name as me! (: Actually I think i look fairer than I actually am? I dunno.. I think my yellowness contributes to it. I look rather pale and sickly in general :\ URGH haha. I would say NC 30 is a medium tone. Anyway why did you choose buttermilk and not temptress? I thinkkkk buttermilk is yellower.

  7. Evon replied:

    Hi nicole,

    Are u closing this pre-order tonight?

    I’m interested in getting Graftobian HD Creme Foundation (Single), but i can ony transfer the $ to you tmr morning. Is it ok with you?


    • nicole replied:

      Yup it’s fine.

      • Evon replied:

        Can you email me your bank a/c details so i can transfer the $ to you tmr morning? :)

        • nicole replied:

          you have to leave an order comment!

        • nicole replied:

          Hey evon I found this swatch, quite useful:

          Graceful Swan, Ingenue, Vixen, Femme Fatale, Enchantress, & Temptress.

  8. nicole replied:

    Nope I’m not. They are useless.

  9. S replied:

    Hi Nicole! I want to order but I have no time to go down to MAC today to get know my shade. Is it ok that I order and pay you by tonight and tell you my shade tmr? :)

  10. S replied:

    Hi Nicole :) sorry for troubling you. I bought a MAC concealer quite some time ago and the shade is NW instead of NC. What does it mean? Is it the same? Thank you :):)

    • nicole replied:

      NW is in a more pinky tone. The MAC SAs would usually recommend NW concealers as the pinky tone hides dark circles better! Yup the number would be the same! Sure no problem just leave your order comment :)

  11. nicole replied:

    Yup sure! (: Haha you’ve been commenting on my blog for quite some time but i never knew your name until now :)

    • S replied:

      Oops sorry I hope I didn’t appear annoying!

      • nicole replied:

        Hahahaha no I think you’re really nice! :) Thanks for always leaving nice comments! Really appreciate it.

  12. Jess replied:

    hi Nicole,

    are you ordering directly from or buying from the local stores in aussie?

    • nicole replied:

      Planning on buying it here! But I don’t think they will have enough stock since there are quite a few orders. Might order directly and get my friend in US to post it over!

  13. Ann replied:

    Hi dear,
    is there any SPF for the creme foundation?
    And also the amount of grams in the products determines how much the coverage has?
    Is it possible to use fingers to apply the creme foundation and still blend in nicely?

    • nicole replied:

      There’s no SPF in this foundation, because in order to have SPF, they have to contain titanium dioxide or similar ingredients which are pure white in colour and meant to reflect light and UV rays. This is really bad for photography as the foundation will reflect the flash and make your face look really white in the photos! If you’ve seen photos of girls with WHITE faces in photos which is different colour to their neck, it’s because of the SPF. This has happened to me when I used to use BB cream! (:

      Since this foundation is meant for pro use which includes photoshoots, they purposely left out the SPF.

      The amount of grams is the weight of product which is the amount of product you get.

      I seriously don’t recommend using your fingers! It would not work. Besides, it’s rather unhygienic to keep sticking your fingers in the foundation! Just buy those cheap disposable sponges! Or a good foundation brush or stippling brush.

  14. Sammmo replied:

    Niccc should I get graceful swan or ingenue? Help me pick whichever you think would suit me better? Thank you!!!

  15. jasmine replied:

    here are some awesome swatches!

  16. steph replied:

    Hi dear

    How much will the loose powder be approximately?


  17. p replied:

    hey dear, i’m using ZA two-way foundation in shade 21 do you think i prefer vixen or temptress more?

  18. Jasmine replied:

    hey babe when are u closing orders?? can wait till saturday! am overseas now and i’ll only be home on sat =/ anyway what shade should a NW25 get? thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      It’s not about the time, it’s about how many orders I have. I will close when I have enough. Are you sure you’re NW 25? If you’re asian this is very unlikely.

      • grace replied:

        why would it be unlikely for an asian to be NW25! hahaha

        • nicole replied:

          Because the only people who are truly cool-toned are the people who have red hair and very very white skin, cannot tan AT ALL and very prone to freckles! The rest of us are warm-toned! Although we use cool toned concealer for dark circles because the pinkness helps to counter the blue/grey colour! :)

  19. nicole replied:

    I WILL NOT BE ANSWERING ANY MORE “WHAT IS MY SHADE” QUESTIONS AFTER THIS POINT. Go find out yourself. Not sure then don’t buy.

  20. toh replied:

    Hey Nicole, cool down. i understand your frustration. :) Anyway roughly which date would you be back for meetup? Some of us might head abroad thus that’s the point to opt for mail or meet up :)

    • nicole replied:

      In exactly one month! Meetups will probs be a couple of days during that week.

  21. Ann replied:

    hahaha! I am not asking which shade I shld get!
    Just wanna know there are a few types like NC and NW for mac foundation shades.
    What about C25 for concealer what does it stand for?

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA :) The NC and NW just tell you the undertone of the shade. NC is warm tone (more yellowish) while NW is cool (more pinkish). Funny this is that MAC has its tones the opposite way from normal, so their NC (neutral cool) is actually warm and NW (neutral warm) is actually cool. It’s very confusing. While NC and NW are more neutral with a bit of yellow or a bit of pink, C is more yellowish.

      You can take a look a this website for more information:

  22. cayla replied:


    NC 25 – Vixen?

    Graftobian HD Creme Foundation (Single)



    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha fuck you no you are temptress. Are you getting one? We can go to the shop on surry hills after exams!

  23. cayla replied:

    okay yes. we are having lunch with mandy after legal and then we’ll go to surry hills. i feel like eating something around there. it has such a good vibe, that place. who’s useless? the people annoying you?

    • nicole replied:

      Huh who’s useless?

      Yay okay! What you wanna eat? We can shop at Paddington too! I need to get winter accessories! (:

  24. Sheryl replied:

    Hi nicole, i’m interested in your loose powder. Do provide more details.

    • nicole replied:

      Hi dear, the pre-order is closed long ago.

  25. JY replied:

    Hey, just wanna ask whats the difference between the makeup you recommended last time, which is the bare minerals foundation, and this graftobian foundation?:)

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm, did I recommend the bareminerals foundation? I remember saying that everyday minerals was better. Anyway, it is COMPLETELY different. Bareminerals is more like a loose powder, very little coverage, very shimmery. Would be good if you only want super super light makeup. But no way am i gonna use it again! Graftobian is a real foundation. It’s a creme foundation and provides medium coverage.

  26. Yongzhen replied:

    hi nicole! will you be able to make another around of preorder again? i am interested in the foundation but i missed the preorder. ): thanks! :))

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Yeah I might order from the US once I’m back in sg. Subscribe to my blog to get updates! (:

  27. Karyn replied:

    Hi Nic! First time in your blog now and I think I’ve missed a greal deal here! :/ Will you be ordering again? For the foundation. What are the brands of loose powder will you recommend? I’m quite a newbie and am totally new to cream based foundation as well as loose powder (been only using BB cream/two way cakes/mac’s liquid foundation and powder etc). I’ve combination skin which is oily near the cheeks and dry at the rest, really problematic skin! Is it better to go a shade lighter or darker lets say I’m not too sure about the exact shade I’m in? You really look good in vixen, colour looks naturally even and gives you the glow :) Sorry for the lengthy comment! Thanks in advance!

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