Pissed off

UPDATE: they finally replied me asking for a photo! Yay. Hope they give me my refund.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I ordered two items from Love and Bravery, a pair of shoes and a chiffon dress. They arrived at my address in Singapore, and I asked my mom to open the package to have a look at the items (since I share shoes and clothes with her) and told me that she found TWO TEARS in the dress, one at the shoulder strap area and one very big one near the armhole.

I emailed Love and Bravery twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday. It’s Monday and I still haven’t got a reply from them. I know for a fact that it’s not because they don’t work on weekends or whatever because I had actually placed an order for two more items with them a few days back, and they emailed me the invoice for payments on Saturday.

Such a shame because I really like their clothes and their model is really pretty (pleasant-looking model is very important for me in an online shop). This is my second time purchasing from a blog shop (I ordered clothes from Lucyd Acyd before – LOVE.) and I’m seriously disappointed with them. To think that they even stated in the item description that it was made of “high quality chiffon”.

I hope they reply my email eventually. I will delete/update this post if they do.


October 25, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Rebecca replied:

    Hmmm… I shop with them too and they used to really exasperate me as well, but I feel like they sorta improved on their CS and general tardiness recently. I guess just wait and see..

    • nicole replied:

      Haha yeah man! My mom sent me pictures, and material is really really lousy, like some parts of the chiffon are super thin and it looks like it’s gonna tear. And the stitches are all coming out. Aside from the 2 tears that are already there. Really looks super shoddy. I sent them the photos and told them that the quality of the piece is really very bad and they wanted to send me another piece but i’m like hellz NO I don’t want it anymore if the material is so lousy and tears so easily. SIGH

  2. Rebecca replied:

    Sounds like its in pretty bad shape indeed… I HATE it when such crap happens and then we, the paying customers, must mail the item back before getting our refund. Takes foreverrrrr. Quite suay for you since you’re a first-time shopper with them somemore! i just bought an item yesterday haha

    • nicole replied:

      ooh what did you buy? i just asked them to give me another item instead with free reg mail. i got the little black leather dress!

  3. Rebecca replied:

    I just got the Rebecca Nude Shirt Dress. Ahem. Yes, maybe only maybe, it’s partly because it’s my name and all. HAHA… oh that black leather dress! I like the sequin detail! It’s nice! Good length for petites like us too :)

    • nicole replied:

      HAHAHAHA. Yeah I got it cause I like that kinda material. Are the pieces you’ve received from them of okay quality? Hope this one won’t have any defects.

      Do you know of any other good blogshops? Preferably with self-manufactured stuff, omg i was browsing through some blogshops and a lot of them had the same items! Like, loveandbravery and leflirtini have this same top!

  4. Rebecca replied:

    Hmmm, yes actually! Recently I cleared out my wardrobe and I realised heaps of clothes that I was throwing out were blogshop pieces (i.e, non-manufactured items). But I kept most of my Love and Bravery stuff because they’re fun pieces to have (quality is average, but can’t expect much since they are imported pieces), and I have continued shopping with them because I think their site makes shopping inviting (like you said, pleasant model) and I think, no-fuss page layout.

    Some other sites with manufactured stuff which I think you’ve inevitably heard of are Agneselle (mostly clean lines in basic colours cut small), HerVelvetVase (more trendy, I would say?), tracyeinny (but also quite tardy before they updated their site and I haven’t bought anything from them since), and you can try thetinselrack.livejournal.com (up-and-coming blogshop with manufactured stuff which look quite good actually)! Yep… I do have a whole list of them but have narrowed it down to these few after the wardrobe clear-out :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hmmm yeah.. I’ve seen Agneselle’s site before and the style of clothes doesn’t really interest me. Anyway Agneselle and HerVelvetVase are pretty mass market and common I think, I don’t want to buy stuff that half of Singapore has! Hmm oh well. How about Modparade have you bought anything from them? Some of their stuff looks nice but some are quite ugly. I like the tanner model’s face! I bought stuff from LucydAcyd before and I really really like it but they update so seldom! And their model and clothes are so huge.

  5. Rebecca replied:

    Yea I get what you mean, haha… But what I usually do if I buy from these blogshops are pack them away into my luggage and bring them over to Sydney when it’s summer ,so I can breathe easy. No I haven’t shopped with ModParade before, a bit too edgy for me. And I just checked out LucydAcyd. The model huge meh?! Looks quite skinny, I was expecting to see someone plus-sized haha. Not bad, but quite pricey for a blogshop I would think.

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah it’s more of a label than like a blogshop I think.. Blogshops seem like those livejournal kind with clothes from bangkok. Haha. The quality is good, and it’s still cheaper than usual stores. Haha well huge compared to me, I think she’s above 1.7 m, and I didn’t mean huge in a fat way! Just that I bought a skirt also and it’s kinda big.. Aww I think modparade is like really over the top cutesy and quirky and sometimes it doesn’t work. But ahh that model’s face is amazing! The taller tanner one. But they always style her hair in very.. unflattering ways.

      • Rebecca replied:

        Oh I see… Didn’t notice that its their own label. Yep, I agree it’s cheaper than stores but I’m not sure I would want to take a risk for that price if I can’t try it on. Some of the blogshop stuff I bought don’t fit and now they’re just lying around.

        Hahahaa ya she’s pretty! Looks thai-ish?

        Anyway, come visit my site! And can I ask where you shop in Sydney? I mostly go to the chain stores in Westfield and look around… my fav out of the lot is Bardot.

  6. L replied:

    Hi Nicole, was it the tea party dress that you got?

    • nicole replied:

      Nope it was the fringe benefits dress.. Super lousy quality! Haha like the stuff on the front was super shoddily sewn on. So horrible. haha.

  7. Rebecca replied:

    Oh no, can you de-link me? I didn’t know it would turn up thanks. Haha

    • nicole replied:

      Done! Hahaha you share a blog with your boyfriend? That’s so funny/cute! :)

  8. Rebecca replied:

    Thanks so much! :) Hahaha cute meh? Ok la. Just more unusual I guess. But he stopped posting for so long already. Terrible.

    • nicole replied:

      So cute la! My boyfriend would never do that. He would just roll his eyes at me. Yeah I saw his section also, he takes cute photos of you! Haha you guys seem very sweet <3

    • nicole replied:

      Btw check out http://www.thescarletroom.com they just launched! But site very laggy right now cause it’s overloaded.

      • Rebecca replied:

        Awww thanks. Haha.. I’m super unphotogenic so those you saw are the “pass” ones :)

        Just checked it out! Not bad their stuff. They manufacture them right? But some look familiar, like I’ve seen them before at other blogshops. Hmmm. I like the shirt dress, but it looks very much like the Love and B one.

        Also, I went to take a look at your Fringe Benefits. You must have been really unlucky! It’s chiffon right? And chiffon hardly tears! Oh well.

        • nicole replied:

          Haha I emailed you pictures of my torn dress. For TSR I think they are partly manufactured partly imported. I ordered two items! The owner actually asked me to model for them when I go back, so maybe I’ll do a collection or two! :)

          • Rebecca replied:

            Which did you get? And, yes, that sounds like fun! :)

      • ping replied:

        no offense but the model looks pretty stoned! great tt u r gg to model for them when u r back! :D

        • nicole replied:

          HAHAHA stoned! That’s really funny. Haha it’s not confirmed, maybe only! Anyway their dresses are all pretty loooong, I don’t think they will look nice on me lor, I’m so gg short. :(

          • ping replied:

            im sure there will be clothes of suitable length for u to model in!
            btw u can try gg lilypirates.lj or thetinselrack.lj or odorikoya.lj or thevelvetdolls.lj or acrossthebloodyuniverse.blogspot or megagamie.lj to shop. these onling bs have their own manufactured stuff. :DD

  9. lq replied:

    hey nicole, was looking at your comments about blogshops. (: i just started mine, a pretty small one and i’m in the midst of thinking of how to improve it, so i’d really appreciate your comments on it!

    you’re not obliged to, still, a huge thank you in advance (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hey there, well the most important thing for me is that the clothes are unique, since there are like a million random blogshops popping up nowadays, I wouldn’t wanna buy stuff that other blogshops also sell. This is pretty hard since most blogshops just get their stock from City Plaza and everything looks the same and low quality. I dunno, I guess the only way is to start manufacturing the products yourself or find really unique suppliers. And IMHO, the model could use a little more makeup! :)

      • lq replied:

        hey nicole! (:

        thanks for your really prompt reply! haven’t gotten anything from city plaza haha (: trying to move towards manufacturing but i don’t have the cutomer base yet =/

        really appreciate your comments! (:

        • nicole replied:

          Yep I guess manufacturing will come naturally as your shop grows. I think I’ve seen some of your products on other shops before though. I think styling the shoots more to make them look more unique would also help. No problem!

  10. S replied:

    Hi Nicole! I realized that your bday was a few days ago :) happy belated bday and may you get even prettier!! :)

  11. Kim replied:

    Hi Nic,

    I’ve been reading your blog right from when you started it! I thought you were really pretty after seeing you model for HH :)

    I don’t dare add you to facebook though cos I just went to your profile and you said DON’T ADD ME IF I DON’T KNOW YOU. lol :p

    Anw I noticed from your fb you know so many blogshop owners! Like Sheila, the nevernude girls, the paperpolkadots girl and the goldgungirls!! I am like an avid blogshopper so I know all the blogshops there are. How do you know them! Haha.

    If you are looking for any certain kind of blogshop just ask me!! :D I’m sure I’ll have some answers


    • nicole replied:

      Hi Kim! Aww thank you so much :)

      Haha yeah, I feel fb is more private for personal friends only, but you can always follow me on twitter!

      Haha yeah that’s true! Hmm, I’ve known Sheila since sec 2, and we’ve been close since, the nevernude girls are the girls in the clique that I hang out with, Elena’s been in my school since sec 1 and I met Jac and Janine and Amanda in j1! Nerissa from paperpolkadots was my primary 3 best friend haha, and she was in my sec school and JC also. Selene was also from my JC, but I didn’t know she had a blogshop until I just googled goldgungirls! :)

  12. M replied:

    oh nic, don’t buy from ModParade: their products are known to be loose and shapeless IRL! I don’t know how they get to make them products look so good in the stock pics, but yeahhh..

    • nicole replied:

      HUH really? oh no i just ordered an item! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Is this from your own experience or you heard it somewhere?

      • M replied:

        I was about to buy from them once and asked for “opinions” on the shop but everyone said “no” for the reasons mentioned above! I saw a product review once and the girl had purchased a dress or something from them and she’d receive a piece of rag – literally.. I don’t know if they’ve changed now but it really turned me off! :( I hope they’ve changed!!

        • nicole replied:

          Oh no! Haha can’t be worse than the dress I received from Love and Bravery. It was a rag that was falling apart!

  13. Gina replied:

    Hi Nic,

    Could you list down all Your favourite blogshops that you frequent buy your tops/ dresses/ shoes etc?

    • nicole replied:

      I already mentioned in my post, I have only bought stuff from Lucyd Acyd before and now Love and Bravery.

  14. Michhy replied:

    Hello nic!
    Yes don’t buy from modparade.
    Their designs can be quite quirky but weird as well !
    To me, material is really important when you purchase stuff from online!
    Why not, try from lovebonito? :)
    I think they got pretty got material.
    Got alot of clothings from them. All highly raved material.
    Definitely won’t teared!
    Just that they are really popular so I guess it will get quite common but not to worry since is a manufactured label and they actually make their stocks limited to maintain exclusivity!

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! I actually find their designs a bit boring.. And I really don’t think their stocks are that limited lor, they sell SO MUCH!

  15. janet replied:

    Hello Nic,
    i have been reading your blog and really enjoy reading them.i bought stuff recently from Love and Bravery as well. They are always taking a long time to reply email which i dont really understand as well. :(:(
    I’ve since move on to other blogshops and recently my friend introduce me to twistpolka. I bought a knit top from them and i’m loving it. The quality was real good and i’m going to wear them this coming cny when i’m in taiwan. you can go view them at twistpolka.livejournal.com

  16. G replied:

    Hey, how do you pay for your blogshop stuff when you’re in sydney? ibanking works overseas too?

    • nicole replied:

      Yes it does! (: you will have to go to an atm to change your contact number so they can sms you the OTPs! (:

  17. June replied:

    hi nicole! this is wayy out of topic, but seeing all the makeup stuff you’ve posted, you’ve got an above average skin type (not like you acne and pimples), i would like to know your opinions about bb cream because i haven’t heard you say anything about it now… have you tried using it before?

    • nicole replied:

      I actually do get clogged pores very frequently! And once I feel a little bump I will unconsciously pick and scratch and it and it will become a huge scab haha. FML. Yep I used to use bb cream all the time. Okay firstly I feel that the shade choice is really bad, it’s almost impossible to find a perfect match for your skin as most brands only have about 2 shades. So most times it will look weird on the skin. I also don’t really like the texture of it, it’s really siliconey. My skin used to be quite okay, although I never had beautiful glowing skin I would rarely get pimples and stuff but then I suddenly started breaking out and getting clogged pores on my cheeks and I think it’s because of the bb cream. Well my skin is also really sensitive la. Btw the one I used was the skin food one, then I changed to Dr Jart. I really liked it at first but now I regret using it. I think one thing it’s really useful about it is that since the texture is so siliconey and sticky, it’s a really good eyeshadow primer! Haha yeah so I’d recommend using a good creme foundation over bb cream any time! (:

      • m replied:

        hey! i used the skin food one too and i broke out sooo bad. now i am using the legere multi white bb cream and it seems all fine (: i had the impression that creme foundation is thicker than bb cream? i would have joined your graftobian preorder, but b/c i thought it’s thicker i was so scared it might clog my pores again!

        • nicole replied:

          Oh great so it’s not just me! From that point on my skin kinda changed? I get clogged pores really often now and it’s really bad! And I still have lots of red marks on my face from that really bad breakout :( Nope it isn’t! The graftobian foundation is more “dry” whereas bb cream is like more gooey and sticky! It’s thicker in a way that it provides more coverage, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the texture of it, it just has more pigments in it! (:

          • m replied:

            yeah me too! such a chore trying to cover up all the marks even though i don’t have any zits now. oh okay maybe i’ll give foundation a try next time! thanks!

          • nicole replied:

            YES exactly!! Omg. I’m using a lot of AHAs now to try and exfoliate it off. Will update you if it works!

      • mable replied:

        im using dr jart too!! so u using it still? i like the coverage!

        • nicole replied:

          Haha no way man! I liked it too until I tried proper foundations.

  18. yl replied:

    Yupp, Nic! Bonitochico is good! Though some of their clothes are more suitable for corporate wear but recently I think I saw a few nice ones from there! & yea, wonderstellar is good too! :DD

  19. toots replied:

    hey nic! where do u get ur strapless bras from? those unlike the sickening ones tt seem to slide no matter how tight it is? and also which websites do u get your not so ex shoes from??:)

    • nicole replied:

      Hi debbie! Yeah I have a lot of those slipping ones! I have one that is quite okay but I bought it here in Aussie. Sheila says the Skyla ones are really good, maybe you can try! Hmm, I have a couple of pairs from http://vvestiges.livejournal.com, but most of their shoes you can just order straight from http://www.shoesone.biz, it’s some korean website. I want to order a few pairs from Taobao but fail at reading chinese! Ahhh. You can get from Aldo also, they’re pretty good and not expensive! (:

      • toots replied:

        my god. you actually rmb my name?! haha!! I see how much time you spend online. goodness! oh yeah skyla. having some sort of trade with your old ones. good idea huh! THANKSSSS!! :D eh ya man my Chinese double fail. (shakes hands) ahh Aldo tends to bite! and so sickening our size seems to be the first to go during sales.. or am I just slow?! :((

        btw, your Zulu looks black leh

        • nicole replied:

          Hehe I have really good memory :) Hmm what do you mean having some sort of trade with my old ones? I think almost all pumps that are made of a harder material tend to be painful the first few times worn! The first time I wore my Aldo shoes they were SO painful I had to take them off after a few hours but subsequently I could wear them clubbing all night and not feel any pain! Haha I haven’t been to an Aldo sale before leh!

          Yeah I know it looks really dark in the photo, bad lighting plus taken with iPhone! Maybe I should take a shot in daylight. Haha it’s also darker cause it’s translucent and I painted 3 coats!

          • toots replied:

            oh. they’re having/had this old bra trade for a new one. can’t rmb how it works exactly, neither can I rmb if it’s still ongoing. haha! don’t need to go aldo sale lah. wasteof time. forever no size no nothing. YA!!!! I have a pair of Aldo pumps and I never wore it again! bit me like hell okay. so full of blisters I almost cried while walking back from school last time. >:(

            HAHAH! you polish maniac! I’ve been looking for OPI’s merry midnight everywhere and DON’T HAVE OKAY. IM SO PISSED.

          • nicole replied:

            i have it :) HAHA

          • nicole replied:

            Is it still ongoing? I want to trade in my old bra! Haha

  20. toots replied:

    UNFAIR :(((( i hope they make more this xmas! idk if it’s still ongoing! need to get my ass down to town to check. haha. you can hope for them to wait for you to get back before the promo ends! hahah. when i get down there and check, i’ll let you know! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha ok thanks! Heheh if it’s still ongoing i’ll just make Sheila trade in an old bra for me :D

  21. thowra replied:

    Hello, i just had a rather exasperating experience with them recently too :( they sent me an item that i did not order by accident- essentially i got a free dress. Instead of selling off the dress and making a profit, i decided to do the right thing- i informed LAB and they gave me their address and told me that they would refund me for postage. However, two weeks after i had sent out the dress they did not offer any thanks neither did they refund me for postage. Was pretty annoyed at their bad CS and wrote a rather lengthy complaint and only then did Eunyce reply me. The matter has been resolved, but i’m still left with a rather unbecoming impression of their CS, which is unfortunate because i actually love their clothes compared to other blogshops.

    • nicole replied:

      Oh wow! That’s quite horrible. Yes they seriously need to improve their customer service! It was really nice of you to be honest and return the item!

      I have seem some of their items on other blogshops, so hope you find the pieces you want somewhere else! (:

  22. natasha replied:

    hey! what did you purchase from Lucyd Acyd? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Plume Falls skirt in brown, Chaste top in black, and the bandage leggings! (:

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