Just a heads up, I’m in the midst of my exams right now so I probably won’t be able to post many entries between now and the 12th, but after that I’ll be blogging very regularly! Can’t wait for exams to be over man it’s killing me!

See my earring? Haha Sheila sent me those for my second birthday present! Cute right? :)


October 31, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. toots replied:

    EYY SO CUTE. where from? sure ex right! looks tiffany and co-ish! ahahah.

  2. zhiling replied:

    hey nicole! can i ask which lucyd acyd apparels have u gotten? thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! I got the chaste top in black and the plume falls skirt in brown or nude or something. And im gonna get the illicit bandage leggings! woohoo

      • Lynn replied:

        Sorry to ask. why do you purchase their clothes? is alittle over-priced for online and the designs nice meh?
        I thought the chaste top look really thrashy. But you still purchase it regardless the price, no?

        • nicole replied:

          I don’t find it expensive because I actually buy most of my clothes from actual shops so I find it still cheap. The designs are totally to my taste and I really really like the chaste top, and some of my most stylish friends complimented it when I wore it out.

        • nicole replied:

          And by the way, you can take a look at fashion bloggers from all over the world wearing Lucyd Acyd’s designs here -> http://www.lucydacyd.com/blog

      • zhiling replied:

        seems like you’ve gotten off the ‘leggings ban’ and back to wearing leggings again!!! hehe :D

        • nicole replied:

          Haha i never actually wore leggings. And I still think I’d never wear those normal black leggings. But these are so awesome! Of course I wouldn’t wear them as pants.

  3. Jj replied:

    Hey, do u know how much is the earring?

    And are you wearing HH blazer?

    • nicole replied:

      Yup! I don’t know how much it costs cause I got it as a present.

  4. Sheila replied:


  5. Ann replied:

    Hey Nic,
    Do you happen to know where sheila buy her red strap watch from? The entry on the bak kut teh one.

    • nicole replied:

      I can’t even see it in that picture! Haha most of her watches are from MBMJ or Fossil.

  6. P replied:

    Hi Nicole, I need your suggestion! I’ve been searching for a dark grey, non-metallic kind of nail polish but to no avail. It is something like whats shown here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=112484392147306&set=a.112483455480733.15149.111783368884075&pid=96946&id=111783368884075#!/photo.php?fbid=112484392147306&set=a.112483455480733.15149.111783368884075&pid=96946&id=111783368884075
    Do you happen to know of any simlar kind? Thanks!!

  7. pingg replied:

    u look superb in the pic! all the best for ur exams!!!

  8. Rebecca replied:

    Gosh. I hope you don’t mind… I think you resemble Rui En from MediaCorp in this photo. But still, great photo! Love your ‘day’ makeup. :)

  9. Sam replied:

    Hey Nicole, just wondering, how’s the follow-up regarding your love&bravery stuff? I ordered some stuff last week and they’ve yet to invoice me so that I can transfer the money. Sent them an email and they didn’t reply either. Worst customer service ever!!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Yeah they are incredibly slow at getting things done. I asked for a replacement of the dress that was torn, and I wanted another item instead so I was asked to top up the additional amount. I did so immediately on the 26th of Oct but received no news. on the 31st I emailed them again asking whether they had posted the item out yet and they replied the next day saying they would mail it out in 2 – 3 days. Which is like 1 week since I topped up! Anyway my mom still hasn’t let me know that she received the package yet so.. I dunno la. VERY VERY SLOW.

      • Sam replied:

        Slow is an understatement. They really do have the worst customer service. Doubt I’ll ever get my backorder stuff since they didn’t even send me an invoice to transfer the money. :( hope you actually get your dress

        • nicole replied:

          Haha well if you didn’t get an invoice maybe it means that the backorder was closed already? Like they already filled all their slots?

  10. Clare replied:

    Hey Nic, how much do you spend on expenses in aud every month there? Like your rent, shopping, transport, food etc. Just a rough gauge cos I’m going melb next yr! Btw, which city you prefer most in Australia? Thanks babe! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Heya! Rent is about $1200 with utilities, I’m not too sure about the rest cause I don’t calculate monthly, all I know is I’ve spent about $15 to $20 000 since I’ve got here (not including rent). Transport also depends on if you have a car or not. I don’t usually take public transport cause my friends drive me, but if you take public transport it can be quite expensive, here it’s $26 for 10 bus rides. And soft drinks are $3.50!!! ARGH. By the way everything i’ve said is in AUD.

      Errr hmm I don’t know! I’ve been to most major cities in Australia but when I was young so I can’t really remember!

      • Clare replied:

        Do you think it’s more practical to drive in aus? How long have you been studying at syndey? :)

        • nicole replied:

          It definitely is since cars here are so cheap! But in the city it’s hard to find parking, unless you’re willing to pay $15 an hour or something. If you haven’t got your license make sure to get it in Singapore first, it takes years and years to get a license here in australia. I’ve been here since the beginning of the year! (:

  11. A replied:

    Hey nic!don’t know if you saw the previous message but I really wish to know the measurement of the earrings!hope you can help!

  12. A replied:

    But it’s nt shown?I cant seem to see it. It’s alright then. So sorry to bother you.

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm, maybe it’s not showing properly. I said it’s very tiny, about 1 cm! (:

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