2 papers down and 2 more to go. Marketing’s on Monday, then Biz Law next Friday and I’m DONE!!! I think I did pretty badly for Econ and Accounting though. I really need to learn how to study. And the papers were really hard. Econs in uni is SO much harder than in JC! It’s totally different man. Sigh.

Anyway. Just some luvos with Cayla we took ages ago.

Okay will try to study now! (:

November 4, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. kokykok replied:

    omg nic, is that your room? its messy!

  2. joyce replied:

    what major did you take and do you live in some kind of student apt?

  3. cere replied:

    i realised u’re in sydney!!! :) welcome to sydney! i just moved to sydney recently.. do u add readers to your twitter acc? im cerelicious! PS: gd luck for ur exams!

  4. Clare replied:

    Do you prefer Sydney or melb ? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I haven’t been to melbourne for many years so I can’t really say! :)

      • Clare replied:

        You started uni this year feb. Means after A lvls you took a year off? You couldnt get into your preferred course in local uni so you went overseas? :)

        • nicole replied:

          Yup that’s right! Cause A level results only come out in march so it was too late to apply here. So i had to wait until this year! Yeah partly! Always wanted to go overseas to study with my boyfriend too! :)

  5. clara replied:

    hey nic where did you get your high waist shorts?? its so nice…you look so pretty

    • nicole replied:

      Thank you! (: I dug it out of my mom’s closet. I think it’s older than me.

  6. joyce replied:

    nic may i know which major you took?

    • nicole replied:

      Not decided yet! It’s between marketing, economics and accounting! (:

  7. Jiabin replied:

    What kind of makeup do you do when you go clubbing? As in those products you used? :) Do a tutorial if you can! :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, I don’t do the same makeup everytime I go clubbing, I hate it when people have certain makeup looks that they wear every time! Generally I would wear darker colours of eyeshadow, I use Guerlain, Dior, YSL eyeshadows most often, Urban Decay or Dior eyeliner, and my Helena Rubinstein Mascara.

  8. S. replied:

    Hey! Congrats on finishing your exams! :D

    Sorry to trouble you for help. I’m thinking of learning how to curl my eyelashes, and was wondering if you know of any cheap/affordable eyelash curler? I don’t need anything fancy, so long as it doesn’t pull out my eyelashes (I’ve heard horror stories about these, and I guess/I hope that eyelashes can grow back out, but I’d rather not risk it thankyouverymuch), and it doesn’t crimp in a flat line (which it’s not supposed to I guess).

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks in advance! :)

    P.S. I’m sure you get this a lot (okay so I’ve seen it a lot when I read your blog), but I do think you’re really pretty! And I do believe flattery gets you everywhere xD but this isn’t the point haha. Take care!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey S, thank you! I feel so liberated! (:

      Great question, curling your lashes is INCREDIBLY important before you apply mascara!

      Okay firstly, eyelash curlers would absolutely not pull out your eyelashes unless you actively grip them with the curler and use strength to pull them out!

      For nicely curled eyelashes, you need 1. a decent curler and 2. to know how to use it properly.

      I would recommend getting a metal curler, as I’ve heard the plastic ones are rubbish. The best one on the market is the Shiseido eyelash curler, and I believe it’s only $20+.

      You should find some videos on youtube showing you how to use an eyelash curler. If you know how to use them they wouldn’t crimp your eyelashes in a flat line either! I think you would only get that if you gripped your lashes at one point only and pressed down really hard!

      You are meant to start at the root, and kind of bounce the curler, gripping and letting go. Then go up a little and repeat, doing this until you reach the end of your lashes. If they’re not curled enough you can repeat the whole thing several times.

      Hope this helped! And sorry for the late reply I hope you get this! (:

      • S. replied:

        Yeppers, got it thanks! And no worries (it’s not that late anyway), you’ve your own life too! (In fact I can’t begrudge you your life when I’m stalking you cause of it heh. xD)

        Happy belated birthday!

        Andand, thanks loads for your reply; it’s awesome-possum! <3

        • nicole replied:

          HAHA! Yay glad you checked back. Thank you! (:(:

  9. steph replied:

    Hi Nic, may i know which shade of Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Powder you are using? Is it ‘colourless’?

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