Hey guys! I’ve FINALLY finished my exams! And then went out a bit and then bummed for a few days. It’s good :)

A few weeks ago it was my birthday, and Tiff and Cayla brought me out for dinner at Zushi! It’s a really cool Japanese restaurant with really really good sashimi, and the tuna tataki was perfect as well. Loved it.

My birthday nails!

They got me a mint and chocolate ice cream giant cupcake! It was sooooo sweet. AND A SINGING CANDLE HAHA.


Thanks girls for the lovely night out! <3

I only got one present this year, besides Sheila’s super early ones. Thanks Cayla! <33 Kinda bummed I didn’t get any other presents though. I remember a certain conversation about reciprocated birthday presents. Isn’t it annoying when you go through the trouble of getting people nice, uncheap presents for their birthdays and they don’t get you anything for yours? Wouldn’t you feel bad if someone got you something nice for your birthday but you didn’t get anything for them?

I’m hungry and grumpy now. Hate how I have no means of transport to go where I want when I want, and at least get food for myself that isn’t easy mac or instant noodles.

WordPress is giving me problems! Everytime I want to update it screws up my font size and spacing and I have to go in and edit the HTML for each post. So annoying! I seriously want to change host. Perhaps I will start blogging on my onsugar account too.

Anyways, stay tuned for my update about my second birthday dinner! (:




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  1. yw replied:

    did you and joe do anything? did he buy you anything? it’s been so long since you’ve mentioned joe, i hope you two are still together! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha yeah he organised my second birthday dinner! He hasn’t got me anything yet, cause it’s kinda hard to shop here.

      • D replied:

        Why is it hard to shop there? O.o

        • nicole replied:

          Hahaha long story. Firstly, my birthday was during exam period. Also I’m kind of extremely fussy and in Sydney they don’t have a lot of boutiqes that I would want stuff from. Like, they don’t even have mbmj here! Sigh. The original plan was to get me a pair of classic Louboutins because he said all my shoes these days are very “chunky” and “weird”, the boy doesn’t get my style. Haha but thing is they don’t have a boutique here, so we tried ordering from the US but there were lots of trouble with finding my size and shipping, and then I decided I didn’t really want them after all. So we just gave up and agreed we’ll go proper shopping when we get back to sg, and in the meantime I should think about what I want, but I can’t think of anything I need/want yet! :\ Haha.

  2. Esther replied:

    happy belated birthday! i understand how you feel about the reciprocity of presents.. on a sidenote, may i ask what you use for the black lines on your nails? your nails are always so pretty <3 thorough inspiration

    • nicole replied:

      Thank you! Orly instant artist! It’s water-soluble so you can just wipe it away if you make mistakes! :) hahaha thanks again <3

      • S. replied:

        Ooh this is cool. Water soluble! Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. Jiabin replied:

    Thanks for replying me in your past entries. Able to tell me what are the steps you take for the makeup for clubbing?

    • nicole replied:

      Um, I would normally start with foundation and concealer, then eyeshadow and eyebrows, then line my eyes and apply mascara, apply falsies if I want to, then blush and bronzer.

      • Jiabin replied:

        Do you use primer? Thanks!

        • nicole replied:

          You don’t need primer if you’re using a good foundation. Unless you have wrinkles. Why would you need something else to make your foundation go on smoothly? Foundation is supposed to go on smoothly on its own.

  4. Jj replied:

    Oh my, ur eye make up looks fabulous here, can share the colour n hw u apply on it?
    I’m very serious smudging applying eyeliner even when I switch to pencil. Any idea hw to prevent it? Tks!!

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! I’m using some raw pigments here, i used dark gold, teal and smokey grey/purple. For this look I lined my eyes with a very black liner all the way around, applied the gold one all over my lid, used the smokey purple on the outer third, and used the teal on the inner corner. And I used the same colours on the lower lid also. I also find that using something to prime the eye before applying eyeshadow makes the colours come out much brighter! You don’t have to use an eye primer, just any product that is silicone-based or has a kind of sticky feel to it like bb cream, cream foundation or concealer.

      Do you mean it smudges after a while or it doesn’t apply well? Pencil eyeliner actually tends to smudge the most after a while, try to avoid the cheap ones, especially the ones that come in a twisty thing. Those are craaaap and smudge super easily. Try Lancome or Dior or Urban Decay liner pencils, and always make sure to get waterproof ones! And also just apply a super thin line at the base of the eyelashes.

      If you eyes are those kind that are super prone to smudging like if your eyelids are oily or its just the way your double eyelid folds inside, stick to using a waterproof liquid eyeliner for the top lid, and use a brown eyeshadow for the bottom lid. That way it won’t smudge at all! :)

      Hope this helps, feel free to ask again if you have other questions! :)

      • Jj replied:

        Hi, really tks for your advise. I bought a waterproof eyeliner pencil from chic choc (fm Taiwan) which has great rave on it. But still it smuge to my undereye after few hours which makes me look like panda :s Or could it be because I applied to the my upper eye lid in between my lashes? I heard that it is more nature to fill up with liner to the gaps in-between our eye lashes (inner eye lid). I can’t achieve a smooth n natural line if I apply above my eye lid.
        Sorry for the long question as I love to see my eye with liner but it always turn out to become a panda shortly.

        • nicole replied:

          No problem! Applying it on your water line is actually a great technique! Try the Lancome waterproof one, that one is really really hard to smudge! Sheila uses it too.

          Maybe if you’re not used to wearing makeup you could tend to like squeeze your eyes when you laugh and stuff? Or if you blink too hard. My friend does that and her eyeliner smudges like mad but she doesn’t listen to me when I tell her to stop doing that haha.

          • Jj replied:

            Oh really it also smuge if I do that but I thought it’s a natural facial expression, haha.. Btw, do I need to wait for the eyeliner to dry up aftet applying, I don’t think I do that.
            I sld apply liner then follow by mascara is that right?

          • nicole replied:

            Well it won’t smudge if you laugh normally but some people tend to squeeze their eyes shut and that makes it smudge. Yup liner then mascara. Make sure your mascara is waterproof as well!

          • Jj replied:

            Tks Nicole and Happy belated birthday to you. Keep blogging , I really like reading your blog and ur sharing of your beauty secret ;)

          • nicole replied:

            Thanks! I appreciate that :)

          • Jj replied:

            Hi, btw do you know why when I paste falshies, the lash edge near to the eye always pop out? I’ve tried to shift further away but it still do not stick to it. Can you share what is the glue that you use also.

  5. anon replied:

    hi nicole! which loose powder do u recommend? i have pretty sensitive combination skin and currently using the one from kose. dont wanna try other brands as im afraid they’ll be too commercialised and not as good as it actually is. like i’ve tried mac’s loose powder but i dont quite like it…feels kinda cakey =/

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah I think mac’s face products are quite thick and waxy! I’m using cinema secrets, but they don’t carry it in Singapore. Maybe you can try Bareminerals mineral veil! I don’t like their foundation but their mineral veil is pretty good! It’s an oil-absorbing translucent setting powder! (:

      • anon replied:

        thank you!! will go check it out :)

  6. Rebecca replied:

    Erh ya? I totally shared for my friend’s uncheap present and had to be the one to check if she got it (cos I received no thanks), and didn’t get a present back for my birthday (still waiting).

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah! Annoying right? Haha! :)

      • Rebecca replied:

        Ya! Hello! Get the present so happy then forgot who gave it to you ah. I really think some people should put in a bit more effort. Honestly, no one’s THAT busy to send a thank-you text.

  7. Sarah replied:

    Hi Nicole I totally get ya! Last year, my friends couldn’t even be bothered to gather together to celebrate my birthday. The worst part was it wasn’t because they were busy with exams or anything but just because they didn’t feel like it.

    To top it all of, I found out one of my best friends went to JB with her bf to buy vegetables rather than spend my birthday with me! Epic FAIL! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Oh no! That’s so horrible :( Poor you. Haha don’t get them anything for their birthdays! OR. Get them really awesome presents for their birthdays and make them feel guilty!!! HAH

  8. rachel replied:

    happy belated birthday nicole! :)
    u look nice when u smile w ur teeth actually! anw is transport rly bad in sydney? how bout cabs?

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks and thanks! Haha that’s what my friends say but I find it uncomfortable haha. :D

      Yes it’s bad! Once I waited for the bus for one hour. And the area where I live is supposed to be one of the most convenient places for buses. Taxis are super expensive! More than double the price! :(

  9. Peach replied:

    Hi nicole, may i know which HR Mascara are you using? :D

    • nicole replied:

      I’m using the black one with leopard prints, i think it’s called lash extravaganza! It’s pretty good if you have long but thin or light lashes cause it makes them look thicker! Apply thin coats and give it time to dry in between! (:

      • Peach replied:

        Thanks for the advice! :D Will get one soon! Btw, do you still remember how much does 1 costs?

  10. Peach replied:

    Oh yeah, i’m actually quite new to mascara, which would be a good choice for starters? Thanks! :)

  11. Peach replied:

    Great! ^^ Thank you sooo much & good night! :)

  12. joy replied:

    hey nic!im moving to sydney next year,any recommendation of apt/agent names for houses near usyd?do share if you do,im at lost at where to start :(

    Oh and your skin look so flawless here!did you use the foundation that gossmakeup recommend that one?

    Anyw thanks in adv!

  13. sheila replied:

    hi nicole!

    i have been experiencing breakouts recently! aww gawd. the pimples are popping out and i dont know why! :(( f depressing now. furthermore its at my cheeks area and its kinda red and i think i’m gonna have those scars ! I DONT WANT!!! have you experienced this kinda thing before?! any idea how to cure it?! like what pimple cream to use or any stuffs that i can actually use to lighten the scar? :((((((((((((

  14. jw replied:

    dear nicole. may i know what brand and color are u using for yr nails! the green looks nice!

    jiayou for school and HH! hahah

    • nicole replied:

      I think it’s from LA girl! Thank you :) haha I’m done with school already for this year! :) and I’m not working for hh! Modelling only.

  15. Kaelyn replied:

    Hi, don’t mind me asking. How did you get vip into butter and zouk? :D

  16. cere replied:

    Happy belated bday! :) May i know which Zushi branch did u go to? Which food would u recommend besides the tuna tataki? I haven’t found many nice jap restaurants in Syd yet..

    • nicole replied:

      I went to the surry hills one but I heard the darlinghurst one is better cause the surry hills one is new! The darlinghurst one won best japanese restaurant in 2009 or something! If you’re looking for sushi, try Makoto as well! It’s really popular and there’s always a queue!

  17. Vic replied:

    SOS Nicole!! I only have 2 more days to prom and I am in a dilemma! I am wearing a dress till a little above knee length and I don’t know what shoes should I wear! I have a pair of wedges like yours (the one from Australia) and I have another pair of heels, both in black! Which do you think will look better for prom? :) Thanks!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Since you’re wearing such a long dress I think you should wear the plain heels! (:

  18. anonymous replied:

    hi nicole! do you think its okay to just apply mascara to a naked face?? without putting any other makeups on. bcos ive a natural blush on my face and my complexion is still quite okay. if not, is there any tinted moisturizer you recommend? tyvm in advance!! =)

    • nicole replied:

      Hm, yeah it should be okay! Your skin has to be superb if you wanna do that though! And make sure your skin tone is completely even without even a hint of darkness around the eyes or in other areas. Try taking a picture of your face close up with flash to check! (:

      Nope, I’m not a fan of tinted moisturisers.

  19. vee replied:

    hey….! i dont think tony b’s firelli wedges look good on u. they’re way too chunky for ur small frame…

    • nicole replied:

      Well I like them on me and they’re my favourite shoes and I’ll continue wearing them whatever you say.

  20. madeline replied:

    hi nicole,
    where did you get your wedges from?
    it’s pretty!

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