Omg I’m coming back tomorrow! (:

So busy packing all my stuff yesterday and today! I have to move everything out of my room and into my new apartment as well as pack for Singapore and Japan! We bought new luggages yesterday but I still don’t think I can fit everything in! And I have to squeeze in my winter clothes for Japan! OMG.

Can’t wait to come back tomorrow and see my family and friends!!!!! (:


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  1. S replied:

    Would you choose Miu Miu or Prada wallet?

    • nicole replied:

      Prada DUH. Miu Miu is just a cheaper kids’ version of Prada.

  2. seanpohh replied:


  3. steffi replied:


  4. Hollyhoque replied:

    <3 <3

    Why you never reply my text! :(

    • nicole replied:

      My phone is screwed up! I can’t text or call! I’m landing around 2 pm i THINK are you online??

  5. anonymous replied:

    hi nicole! ive some questions to ask you about makeups! ive just started in makeup and i need help :( hmm what do you think about mac concealers? or is there other concealers you recommend that can be found in sgp? and what loose powder do you think its pretty good other than the one you’re using? i need one that can be found in singapore =( TYVM in advance =)

    • nicole replied:

      Errr I’m not a fan of mac concealers. What do you want to concealers for? Blemishes, marks, eyebags? Different kinds of correction needs different kinds of concealers. For dark circles liquid concealers work best, and for blemish or marks creme concealers work best. You can try Shu Uemura’s ones.

      • W replied:

        Hi! I’ve heard lots of raves about Eve’s Pearl salmon concealer and bobbi brown correctors from gossmakeup and I’m thinking of buying them and try out the products! But both of them are in creme forms. What do you think?

        • nicole replied:

          Why is it a but that they are in creme forms? Creme concealers are thicker and provide better coverage. I really really want the Eve Pearl concealer also but they don’t sell it here. I have no interest in the Bobbi Brown corrector though, you still have to put concealer over it.

          • W replied:

            LOL. “dark circles liquid concealers work best”? I want to cover my undereye circles.

            I’m getting my friend to ship over, together with my other stuff! I can help you get it if you want (:

            OMG! half price?!

          • nicole replied:

            Liquid or creme really depends on what you’re looking for. Creme concealers are thicker and provide better coverage, but look less natural and may crease if you’re prone to it. Liquid provides less coverage but looks more natural and doesn’t crease that easily. That’s why I’m currently using the Shu Uemura liquid one for under my eyes. Depends on personal preference as some people need heavier coverage.

            Yeah but I don’t know when the next sale will be! How much is shipping?

          • P replied:

            it’s from 25-29 nov!

          • nicole replied:


        • nicole replied:

          Ooh they ship internationally! Want to share shipping? Haha once in a while they have Black Pearl sales where everything is half price!

          • W replied:

            Yay, Nic!! The Black Pearl Promo is now on! Its a 40% off for the salmon concealers! But my friend don’t have the time to help me buy them before tues :( Do you want to get them online and share the shipping instead?

          • nicole replied:

            YES YES! (:

          • nicole replied:

            Oh my, I want to get a bunch of other stuff too like eyeshadow palettes and pressed powders! (: This is so exciting.

          • W replied:

            HAHA. I think I want to get their blush trios too (:

            you mean the HD Dual Pressed Powder? gosh, I’m still thinking whether to get that or the MAC mineralize skin natural.

            there’s free international shipping for purchases above $200!

            btw, which shade are you taking for the salmon concealer?

  6. Alicia replied:

    Hi Nicole, do you recommend the use of BB cream? Thanks! (:

  7. rachel replied:

    can i share shipping for salmon concealer too? :)

    • SUYI replied:

      hey dear, if you are still interested to order the salmon concealer, do email me at! i will be consodoliating the orders and will probably order tonight (:

  8. charmaine replied:

    hi nicole, happened to saw your comments above. if you girls are planning to ship in eve pearl, can i join and share in the shipping cost too?

    • SUYI replied:

      hey dear, if you are still interested to order any eve pearl products do email me at! i will be consodoliating the orders and will probably order tonight (:

  9. joy replied:

    hey do you find your apt online or thru agent?Im having a hard time finding one :( do replyy!

  10. Wt replied:

    hi babe, when are you holding the meetup for graftobian preorder? =) can’t wait to lay my hands on it!

    • nicole replied:

      Heyhey very soon! I’ll be in town later from 10.30 onwards, if you’ll be going out I can bring your item to pass you!

  11. Casey replied:

    Hi Nicole, when will you be doing the meetup for the collection for the graftobian foundation?

  12. sj replied:

    hey nicole, how much and where did you get yr nars zulu from? did you get the other vintage series? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I got someone to send it to me from the US! you can email her at! She charges a very low handling fee :) Nope I didn’t get the other colours! It’s a bit hard to paint, being a dark jelly.

  13. A replied:

    Hey Nicole!
    I was wondering.. why don’t you blog about Joe that much these days? (: Also, didn’t he celebrate your birthday with you?

    haha. I’m just curious, cos i LOVE reading posts about you two lovebirds. (:

    • nicole replied:

      Haha he doesn’t like being in photos!!! Okay I will force him to take photos soon and blog about him! Haha :)

  14. S replied:

    hey nicole, can you write a post on how you do your nails?? you’re super talented!

  15. Sheryl replied:

    when u going japan?

  16. Alicia replied:

    Hey Nicole, which brand of hair conditioner are you using?

    • nicole replied:

      I use Ascience shampoo and conditioner when I’m in Singapore, and Garnier Fructis when I’m in Aus!

  17. Jennifer replied:

    Hi nicole, any idea where can i get to watch the vampire diaries from ? thank you!

    • nicole replied:

      Download as a torrent, but I strongly recommend you do not watch it.

  18. Jane replied:

    hey dear! was wondering how tall are you and whats ur bf’s height? you looked petite beside him :D cutee!

    • nicole replied:

      I’m 1.55 m and Joe is 1.77! Haha yeah I look like a gnome! :D

  19. Jean Koh replied:

    hi may i know which person you purchased your jose eber hair curlers from? is it the 25mm/19mm/13mm?

  20. Lily replied:

    hey nicole. u have a pretty cool look. how would u describe your style?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Sorry for the extremely late reply. Wow hard question. I guess I like dressing in a way that is pretty/chic but with a little edge?

  21. claire replied:

    what major are you doing in unsw:)

    • nicole replied:

      Sorry for the late reply, I’m deciding between Marketing, Accounting and Biz Law :)

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