Picture spam (part 1)

As some of you might know, I just came back from Japan yesterday! I was in Tokyo for a while, then headed to Nagano for snow and snowboarding and skiing! It was pretty awesome, food non-stop, but I’ll leave the pictures for another post.

Haven’t updated in a pretty long while, so I’m just gonna spam random pictures of good times since I’ve been back in Singas!

First time at Filter – it’s a club opened this year by my friends Phil, Langan and Cedric and operates on an invite-only basis.

Gets pretty crowded and hectic!

Phil and I

Sheila and Geck Geck! <3

Joe cut off his long shaggy hair! It took Von 2 whole hours, and by the time he was done there were 2 dustpans full of hair on the floor!

Wakeboarding shots


Hated my makeup that day!!!

Sheila and I modelled for a Rosebullet event at Isetan and some Shu Uemura makeup artists did our makeup but they kinda sucked. Our eye makeup was really uneven and they pasted our falsies really badly. We tried to salvage it after the event but it still looks weird!

Anyway if you haven’t heard of Rosebullet it’s a really popular brand in Japan with super hot Japanese model Lena Fujii as their campaign face. Website here -> Rosebullet


I went to Bali with my family earlier as well, it was mad fun! Love the food there, we found this magical Japanese restaurant that was REALLY GOOD and really cheap.

Had so much fun spending time with my family, they are seriously awesome <3

This is the hotel we stayed in, Padma resort.

Yup, that’s the Hollyhoque 3/4 maxi in grey! (:

My baby bro Nigel surfinnnnn

Beach dude teaching me to surf

And another Hollyhoque top, so breezy and perfect for resort-style

Random Zouking

Janine, Me, Sheila, Amanda, Jac

Me, Philbert, Elena


Best bro

Spent Christmas at my aunt’s house, then met up with the gang at Silas’ house for drinks.

It’s no secret that I LOVE babies and this is my newest cutest nephew!!! So adorable ahhhh




I just came back from watching the Rocky Horror Show with Joe at the Esplanade! He bought the tickets as part of my Christmas present, but kept it a secret that our friends, another couple, Tiff and Daryl were coming along as well! I was so surprised when they sat down next to us! :D Turns out the boys went to buy the tickets together for Tiff’s and my Christmas present! So cute <3

We all went for roast duck pizza at Timbre after cause Joe and I felt like eating some white people food after overdosing on rice and noodles for 11 days, those are seriously damn good. There is nothing like the satisfaction of a full belly! (:

The show was quite disappointing though, some ideas were really cool and worked very well, and the music and singing were fabulous, set design was pretty good too but the acting was very very weak and it just ruined the whole production. I think the actors were more of just singers and it was really obvious that it needed a lot more work. But overall it was a fun performance and I enjoyed myself!

Off to bed now, goodnight folks! (:


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  1. E replied:

    Whoa Nicole! So great to see your update! Haha, btw, where can I view your photos with Sheila for Rosebullet? (:

    • nicole replied:

      :) Thanks! We didn’t take any photos haha

  2. E replied:

    How you got to know about Rosebullet? So envious that you got such good lobangs! Hahah!

    • nicole replied:

      Joyce’s sister was involved! Nothing to envy, it was boring as hell!

  3. Jj replied:

    Hi, can I know where u got ur maroon dress from on the last few photos.

  4. Rebecca replied:

    Hey Nic! Went to Kensington Peking the other day for the fried duck which you recommended. Was yummy! The skin OMG. Think I can eat it everyday if it were dirt cheap. But the staff can be a bit grouchy hahaa..

    • nicole replied:

      Haha you tried the deep fried duck and not the peking duck right? You know you can eat everything except the drumstick bones! So yumz. Hahaha the staff are damn cute! The owner always calls me lat chiu mui, “chilli girl” in cantonese cause I always ask for a lot of chilli! And the super old man who takes very long to carry food to the table!

  5. Rebecca replied:

    Yupp the deep fried duck! Oh. Hahaha.. I don’t rmb eating everything except the drumstick bones, but we really scraped the meat clean man. The owner is the a bit siao! At first he like, semi-slammed down our dishes on the table, but when we left he was really chill and thanked us for coming. HAHA I love the old man pls he’s super duper cute. He called me lee-bear-kah cos I called to make a reservation beforehand.

    • nicole replied:

      HAHAHA yeah they’re a bit nuts. How long are you there for?

      • Rebecca replied:

        Not long more… be back in SG next week! Been here for 3 weeks already. Super rainy/drizzly. Don’t know whether to be happy abt that or not. When it’s hot it’s really hot sigh. My tan lines are all over the place.

  6. Alicia replied:

    Hey Nicole, did you re-dye your hair? Or is it still the previous liese glossy brown colour?

  7. cristalglace replied:

    Nicole, your mom is soooo pretty.

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I’m sure she’ll be very happy to hear that! She used to be an SQ stewardess! :)

  8. Leo replied:

    did you apply anytg to keep ur bust firm. Urs look very firm. Or exercise? Hope this qns does not offends you.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha nope I don’t! I think cause my boobs are quite small so they won’t tend to sag.

  9. S replied:

    Hi Nicole! You finally update your blog! :):)

    • nicole replied:

      Yes! Haha :) glad you’re still reading!

      • S replied:

        I texted you abt the graftobian foundation but didn’t receive your reply :( sorry if its on a too personal level. so sad that I couldn’t make it for the meet ups! Wna see you irl hahaha. should I email you? :)

        • nicole replied:

          Hey! Sorry sorry have been quite busy. Yeah I can mail it out to you but you have to wait for when I’m free cause it’s very inconvenient for me to go to the post office since I don’t drive! I should be going to town tomorrow evening, are you free to meet up then? :)

          • S replied:

            Yeah I think i can! What time will you be in town? :)

  10. Pei Qi replied:

    hi nicole! may i know where you got your necklace, the one you wore to filter, from? :)

  11. :D replied:

    Hi. Where did you get your that pretty brown long belt that seems to be able to go round and round your waist one? you wore it with the mint knitted dress. :D

    Ps. You look tall. like 1.65m. JEALOUS. hahah!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, my mom gave it to me, no idea where she got it sorry! Heh yeah I look tall when I stand alone for some reason! :)

      • :D replied:

        Hahah. So jealous. i look short. -.- like 1.55 although im 1.6. :( Anyw, are you studying in Singapore?

  12. lis replied:

    hey nicole, looking really good there! your mum look so young! she can easily pass off as your elder sister!

    by the way, can i know where did you get the top you wore to the hotel with sheila (from her blog)? http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/01/01/2/1150/11500564/7f842b901e9bb43b_IMG_1711.JPG

    you always look so effortlessly chic!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha thanks! Yeah I agree she looks quite young but she’s actually over half a century old lol. I got it from MDScollections! :)

      • lis replied:

        thanks for your reply! are you thinking of selling the top? =)

  13. Chloe replied:

    hi, your dad looks super familiar and i just realise that he looks like our silkair Capt Leong! is he the one?

    • nicole replied:

      Yes he is! Haha how do you know him?

      • Chloe replied:

        hmm, cause i am a silkair stewardess. =)) the world is so small! HAHA

        • nicole replied:

          HAHAHA YES. lol! Are you the Chloe that I met at wheelock?

          • Chloe replied:

            i think that’s not me. =) got quite a few chloe in silkair thou. HAHA

          • nicole replied:

            Ooh haha okay. You’ve never commented before right? Haha how old are you! My dad doesn’t fly often though! :)

    • Chloe replied:

      i am 21 this year. =)) yupp, i never comment before. yr dad is mostly in office area so got chance to bump into him. =) chloe is just my silkair working name thou. =))

  14. S replied:

    Hi may I know where you go for wakeboarding?

    • nicole replied:

      Punggol! (:

      • S replied:

        May I know which wakeboard school you go to?

        • nicole replied:

          I don’t go to any school!

          • S replied:

            You just rent a boat?

          • nicole replied:

            We go with Don, an instructor and good friend. The boat belongs to him.

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