Picture Spam (part 2)

SkankOut 2010

It was actually pretty boring, we spent most of the time waiting for acts and running around looking for certain lost guy friends who disappeared looking for cai the whole night. Ahem. It was just really crowded and sweaty and gross and sandy in general. Won’t be going back next year! Haha best part of the night was leaving to go eat cockles and lala at newton, but we had to walk for an hour to find a cab!

Thank goodness we didn’t pay for the tickets, my uncle managed to get us 6 free priority tickets. I’d be pretty pissed off if I’d paid good money for them!

Sheila and JY’s 6th Anniversary

JY booked a hotel room at The Sentosa, and Joe, Jackson, Janine, Sean and I headed there with him earlier to check in, and when he left to go pick Sheila up, we decorated the room with 99 lightsticks! Damn beautiful, right?


2 21-inch pizzas from Peperoni’s

For some reason we started jumping on the bed!

Got quite drunk and headed to butter and got even more drunk.

Please prepare yourself for a series of gag-inducing pouty photos

Awww so cute

There has been too much Zouk in my life. Haha I’ll always be a Butter girl. It’s homeground! :)


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  1. Michhy replied:

    Nic! How’s your purchase with LUCYD ACYD?
    Is their clothes in better material and quality? :D

  2. Michhy replied:

    Mmm as compared to every other blogshops you have purchase before? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I haven’t bought from many blogshops but yeah Lucyd Acyd has the best quality out of all ive seen, cause all their designs are self-manufactured. I like how they arrived wrapped in tracing paper as well!

      • Michhy replied:

        Hehe what about comparing it with hollyhoque? Is it of better material? Is it fitting or is more for bigger-sized girls for their sizing?

        • nicole replied:

          Mm both are of very good material. Just very very different styles and different price range I guess. Yup the stuff is kinda big!

  3. Ann replied:

    Hey Nicole, have been always wanted to get a good pair of jeans! Any recommendation? Was wondering wher did u buy your nudie jeans from. :)
    What so you think about other jeans brands like dr denim, cheapmonday, Topshop, April 77, true religion and ksubi for their fitting for girls in general?
    Fitting meaning the cutting of the jeans.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! A good pair of jeans is a really worthwhile investment! I got my nudies from General Pants store in Sydney, that store is really sick and they have a huge range of jeans! Unfortunately they don’t have it in Singapore. I think you can get branded jeans at mandarin gallery!

      I haven’t tried Dr. Denim, wouldn’t buy Cheap Monday, Topshop isn’t really considered good jeans, haven’t tried April 77, I like True Religion and Ksubi (Ksubi’s rather cheap as well!). I have jeans and leather pants from True Religion and I like them, unfortunately Ksubi doesn’t make jeans in my size :(

      I really love my nudies because they are hella comfy and they are such real jeans. Only thing is they’re a little thick so you might find them warm in Singapore!

      Another thing is you have to be aware that certain jeans look good on certain body types more than others. I’ve been told that nudies suit the thin, no ass look. And if you have a large ass, stay away from back pockets with flaps and heavy embellishments.

      • Ann replied:

        Wow Nicole you sure know alot about jeans! Hey but for nudies they are selling at mandarin gallery at the denim store. Haha and I Really didn’t know nudies have female cutting jeans! Always thought only for guys.
        Mmm I feel ksubi are more of a expensive range like cheapest also cost around 300-400plus. Saw a really pretty dr denim from rock star. And is only 149! Makes butt looks like pointy. Haha! April 77 has nice black coated jeans! Is only around 180 plus! Pretty reasonable too. Haven’t tried true religion before too. Are they cheap??? Do they have the acid wash kind of jeans? But I don’t quite like the raw material jeans. Those tad will fade after worn a while. And really got to take good care of it and can’t wash them for a long time.

        • nicole replied:

          Ksubi is cheap! Only about $200. They used to be more expensive but they are changing their brand image by becoming cheaper and more departmental store-ish.

          Nudies are unisex! Well they were originally meant for guys but came up with a wide range of fits to fit everyone. That’s why they also have sizes up to 24 for girls! The fits that look best on girls would be tight long john, thin finn and high kai! Yup the one I have is high kai.

          Hmm, True Religions are about $200-$300? They have them at bread and butter I think.

          Haha I really hate acid wash jeans.

          The point of denim is that it’s a living material, raw denim gets creased and worn like a second skin, and when you wash after 6 months they develop contrast. Don’t take care of your jeans, wearing them out will produce more beautiful contrast!

          • Ann replied:

            Really? ksubi are tad cheap! But I saw from queen’s contour that they are around 300plus. but I don’t like raw jeans cus of the color. I don’t like the indigo color. Alright, I should get a pair of nudie! Hehe thanks for ur help here!

          • nicole replied:

            They probably overprice it there! I really hate acid wash jeans. Hmm if you don’t like indigo then you probably shouldn’t get nudies, they’re all about the indigo colour.

    • nicole replied:

      Oh and also after you get your jeans if they are a good brand and indigo, make sure not to wash them for 6 months! My maid just washed and ironed my nudies and now they are completely ruined, I needa go get new ones. Soooooo pissed off.

  4. S replied:

    hi nicole! will you be in town next week around afternoon? can i text you about it if im heading to town or sth? i really hope to get the foundation before cny :) oh and you’re not fat, you’re realllyyyyy slim please! envious.

    • nicole replied:

      I’ll let you know if I’m heading to town! But most of the time it’s very last minute!

      • S replied:

        Ok thank you so much!! :)

        • fiona replied:

          do let me know if you will be in town any time this week too !
          i hope to get my foundation as well! (:
          so sorry to keep troubling you!

  5. Ann replied:

    Oh the nudie jeans is it the one on some of your hollyhoque shoots? The one you matched with some of the tops from HH?

  6. S replied:

    Hi may I know what concealer and lipstick do you use? Thankyou (:

    • nicole replied:

      Eve Pearl salmon concealer and I don’t use lipstick often but when I do it’s MAC, Chanel, YSL or Dior :)

      • S replied:

        Do yknow where I can get NARS blusher in singapore? (:

        • S replied:

          What other concealers that I can get in singapore would you recommend? Thankyou!

          • nicole replied:

            You can get Eve Pearl products at evepearl.com! They ship to Singapore.

        • nicole replied:


  7. Jan replied:

    Hi nicole, what brand of normal black belts for jeans (not exaggerated) will you recommend? ard $100 :)

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t wear belts with jeans! I think it’s more of a guy thing.

  8. Michhy replied:

    Hey Nic!
    What items did you kept for the upcoming collection?
    I like the taupe and mint toga dress, peterpan dress and the mesh fuschia dress!
    Do you think I should get the tony bianco wedges in ivory?
    Are they more comfortable to walk in den the firelli which I bought from you?
    I like both designs!! :D

    • nicole replied:

      The wedges are MUCH MUCH lower than our original ones! I wouldn’t wear them clubbing! Good for wearing out in the daytime for lunch or shopping I guess! (:

      The toga dress is way way way too big for me, I tried it on and it looked like I was wearing a sheet! Haha. Peterpan dress also slightly big I think. I kept the white high collar mesh dress and the cream ruched dress!

  9. Lou replied:

    Nicole youre so skinny and petite!! What’s your weight if you don’t mind me asking?(:

    • nicole replied:

      Haha no very fat already :( 38 or 39 kg!

  10. Michhy replied:

    hey babe,
    what about the fuschia mesh dress the flare at the bottom one is it loose on you also? :)
    do you think I should get the ivory, black or brown for the wedges? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I really like that one also! I almost took it but took the ruched one home instead. It fits fine on top, but it’s rather long on me! I took the brown one for the wedges :)

  11. S replied:

    Hi Nicole! Was the ruched toga dress long for you? Do you need to alter? Thanks! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Err which one is that? The one with tulip skirt?

      • S replied:

        The one that comes only in navy and cream. Sheila wore the blue one on her blog :) it’s also the second dress from the left in the fb primary picture!

        • nicole replied:

          Oh! Hmm no I think the length is fine, it’s slightly loose for me though I think I’ll have to take in the sides.

  12. S replied:

    Oh no means I can’t get it already :'( you look great in that dress btw :)

  13. Vanessa replied:


    Hey nicole, does this dress fit you well? or did you have to get it altered?

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm, slightly loose for me at the sides but I just wore it out like that cause I think it’s fine. If I want a tight fit then have to alter! (:

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